Why the Apple Watch Will Fail

There are a number of reasons why experts think that the Apple watch is doomed to fail, and one of them is because of its lack of sales in mainstream markets. Where do you think you could buy an Apple watch? At an Apple store, right? Wrong. Apple’s head of retail, Angela Ahrendts confirmed that the watch that went on sale today, will not be sold in Apple’s own stores before June.

Instead, several high-end stores like Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London, Colette in Paris, Maxfield in Los Angeles, and the Corner in Berlin are among the high-end “official” stockists of the watch. Not any stores where any regular people might shop.

We know that Apple has wanted to break into luxury for a while, but is it really ready to single out its biggest market audience? Is Apple’s attempt to compete with luxury watches and high fashion a smart move considering that it could very easily alienate customers?

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