You Bet They Notice Your Watch, Even If It is a Pre-Owned Rolex

Gentlemen, let’s have a little conversation about first impressions, especially when it comes to meeting your lady friends. Even though most women may not even realize it, they are making a mental list of what they see the first few moments they gaze upon you. And you bet they notice your watch, even if it is a pre-owned Rolex. If you want to make a great first impression with the ladies, heed our advice and read this post. Here is a list of what women notice about your within the first minute of contact.

Shoes- Your eyes might be the windows to your soul, but your shoes are windows into your style preference. A man wearing raggedy tennis shoes full of holes is pretty much letting on he is not the tidiest of dressers. Yes, the hole-filled tennis shoes are comfortable, but save them for mowing the lawn.

Hands- You don’t have to apply moisturizer six times a day to maintain great hands, but just make sure you don’t have hands that can best be compared to sandpaper. Also, clip those fingernails.

Watch- Yes, it matters that you wear a watch, it shows you have a bit of class and you will never be late for a date. A Rolex watch will impress her even more.

Hair- Your hairstyle says a whole lot about the type of person you are. A combover says you are insecure and greasy hair suggests you could be a slob. So pay attention to your hair a little more.

There, now you are set to step out into the world and impress.