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You Need a Pre-Owned Rolex Watch


Each day, the world moves faster, it is one of the certain things about modern living. We spend our days and nights plugged into whatever devices we happen to own, and where does it lead us? It is doubtful anybody feels better about themselves because they learned three seconds before the person sitting next to them that a world-class, popular celebrity just got arrested. And how about the devices we use to post our current whereabouts, the meals we eat and the friends we photobomb? To be honest, no smartphone can boost your social status, even a gold-plated iPhone.

So what is considered luxurious in what is now the very last week of 2016? Perhaps your mansion. But then, your 2,000 square foot tri-level is only labeled a mansion in your household. Maybe you drive a vehicle that is considered luxurious. Nope, your 2010 Hyundai Elantra doesn’t qualify.

Before you embarrass yourself by declaring any of your possessions as luxuries, let me set the record straight. Luxury is time and the self-assurance that you are the one building your own path. Luxury, my friends, is living life on your own terms, in your own time. If you find these words of wisdom to be true, then you need the right instrument to measure time. You need a pre-owned Rolex watch.

Utilitarian as your style might be, there are basic facts about luxury watches you need to know in order to make the right decision about which type you want. So take these factual tidbits into account when searching for your luxury watch.

Side Inner ImageWhy Are They Special?

True luxury watches are, no snickering now, timeless. While buying a Jaguar or a yacht might be considered frivolous, buying a luxury watch, especially a used Rolex, isn’t. That’s not to say certain luxury watches aren’t over-expensive and extravagant to the point only the one percent could ever hope to own one, but most luxury watches aren’t considered “over-the-top.”

In fact, depending on your lifestyle, a luxury watch can be considered a necessity, a staple that you wear every day.


A luxury watch, whether it’s a Rolex, Tag Heuer or Patek Phillipe, is a symbol of wealth, power and prestige. In our image-conscious world, these are qualities that can go a long way both personally as well as professionally. Consider this; a man sitting in a restaurant wearing an untucked, wrinkled shirt and holey jeans would not strike you as a professional you would want to do business with. But slap a Rolex on his wrist and within a few hours you are his business partner.

Regardless what profession you are in, image matters and a luxury watch offers an unworded business card that conveys distinction and class.


Sure, you have heard the phrase “buy low, sell high,” but this does not apply to most luxury watches, certainly not Rolex watches. Procuring such delights from reputable watch dealers ensures that your luxury watch retains, if not increases, its value with proper maintenance and care. Certain watch brands flood the market with a myriad of models and lines, but notable brands keep production numbers low and choose instead to focus and their exquisite quality.


Forget for a moment the differences in precision and engineering luxury watches have over other brands, you will be hard-pressed finding a moderately-priced watch that will run flawlessly for a lifetime. Luxury watches are meticulously crafted to a level of excellence which ensures they become a true heirloom you can pass down to future generations. In fact, some watches take years to produce and are assembled by hand, but this is something you should expect from a luxury watch brand.






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