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Audemars Piguet Ladies 18K Yellow
Gold “Florentine Finish” Bracelet Watch with Original Blue
Sapphire Bezel.

Prestigious AP Manual-Winding

Ultra Rare vintage iconic AP masterpiece. Do not confuse this
mechanical movement piece with ladies quartz models.

The hammered-Florentine finishing on the
bracelet and dial is extremely time-consuming and expensive to
execute. The interlacing of the Florentine finishing and the
high polish finishing creates a very striking contrast and
looks great under the light.

Blue sapphire bezels and 18K yellow gold
match perfectly and has very stately effect. In fact,
combination of blue stones and yellow gold has traditionally
been used by royalties throughout history.

In pre-owned, good condition, owned by a
collector and wore for a few dozen times over the years carefully.
It has some scuffs from normal wear on a solid gold piece.

Weighs 50 grams. That’s a lot of gold.

Dimension: Ladies dress size at 17mm
across, and 21mm vertically. Very elegant.

Age: from early 1990’s, owned by a
collector. Bracelet can fit comfortably wrist up to 6 inches.
Sorry but box and papers are misplaced.

The similar model
from modern collections,
fashioned after this original, sells for $40000. The
original is impossible to find.

100% Authentic or MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!

Hi, you are looking at a very rare vintage AP ladies manual
winding watch in 18K yellow gold, and original blue sapphires.



This is a beautiful piece. Now I need money so I am regrettably
letting it go. I know that I am losing a lot of money by selling
it. I just wish the winner will truly treasure it and wear it in
good health.




This item will be shipped within the United States at a
shipping cost of $75. International shipping is $95. It
includes full insurance, which can be a bit high given the
high value of of the item. However, the insurance value is
accurately reflected and I am actually losing money on the
shipping and insurance.


Payment Methods:


I can take paypal
(shipping to
and verified address only), and can contact winners for
payment alternatives for your convenience.


I have been a reputable member of the watch
collector and dealer communities for many years, and I have
great track record with 100% positive feedback. So please
with confidence.





order to protect the winners and my
from fraudulent solicitors, I have made this auction private

this way you can bid with the peace of mind and with
that your identity is not exposed to harm.




  • Water Resistance - We do not guarantee the water resistance of any watch. Although we may pressure test a watch prior to being shipped, we do not guarantee any watch to be waterproof or water resistant and do not cover any water issues under any type of warranty. One of the reasons is because there are too many life factors that can contribute to a watch not being water resistant anymore. Statistically, this applies to even the most careful of watch wearers ...
  • Box and Papers - All box and papers do is guarantee the box and papers are authentic. The bad guys know that people put trust into original papers so by putting genuine papers with a fake watch allows them to pull off a scam...and when the buyer finds out down the road the watch was fake, the scammer is long gone. The only way to check authenticity is by having the watch checked. As with most preowned watches, the original box and/or papers are not available because they were not retained by the original owner. ...
  • Warranty – This warranty applies to the movement of the watch only. Watch movements are warrantied to perform as described in the BeckerTime item description during the warranty period. This warranty does not include the battery, strap, links, clasp, springbars, case, crown, bezel, dial, hands, screws, crystal and/or diamonds. Damage to a watch due to accident, neglect or mistreatment is not covered by this warranty. Also not included is the loss or theft of the watch or any damage done by loss or theft. Damage caused by fire, pressure, water, or natural disaster is not covered. This warranty does not cover any water damage—including, but not limited to crystal fogginess, movement damage, dial or bezel damage, seals, gaskets, liquid penetration and any issues pertaining to water. Repairs, alterations, tampering, substitution and/or addition of parts, custom work and/or modification of any kind done without prior written consent from BeckerTime and not performed by BeckerTime will void this warranty. This warranty replaces the original manufacturers warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. ...
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THIS IS A FILE PHOTO.What does that mean?

Condition Grading Scale

  • Brand New [10]

    New. Perfect condition and never worn. The watch has the original manufacture’s protective plastic (if applicable). It comes with original box and papers. It is working properly, keeping very good time.

  • Never Worn [9.8 to 9.9]

    New. Perfect condition and never worn. The watch has the original manufacture’s protective plastic (if applicable). It may or may not come with original box or papers. It is working properly, keeping very good time.

  • Super Mint Condition [9.7 to 9.8]

    Perfect. Looks never worn. As close to new as you can get for a preowned watch. This is the equivalent of a new watch that does not have the original manufacture’s protective plastic (if applicable). If you remove the protective plastic from a brand new watch, and have not yet worn the watch, it is now in Super Mint Condition. It may or may not come with original box or papers. It is working properly, keeping very good time.

  • Mint Condition [9.5 to 9.7]

    Near perfect. Looks like new on the wrist. Signs of wear are only visible with a loupe. The band has no stretch or wear. The watch is working properly, keeping very good time.

  • Super Excellent Condition [8.5 to 9.5]

    Super nice. Very light signs of wear. Watches with the original band will have minimal stretch between the links. The watch is working properly, keeping very good time.

  • Excellent Condition [7.0 to 8.5]

    Nice. Signs of normal careful wear. Watches with the original band will have moderate stretch between the links. Some older watches with the original band may have more than moderate stretch. The watch is working properly, keeping good time, but may gain or lose up to 30 seconds over 24 hours (unless the watch has been serviced).

  • Fair Condition [5.0 to 7.0]

    Fair. Signs of heavy wear. Watch may have a few dings, nicks, or deep scratches The band has severe stretch between the links. The watch is working, but may gain or lose a few minutes over 24 hours (unless the watch has been serviced).

  • Poor Condition [Less than 5]

    Poor. Signs of extreme heavy wear, damage, or abuse. Major cosmetic and/or mechanical flaws that directly affect the integrity of the watch. The watch may be missing parts and/or may not run at all. We do not recommend this watch to be worn in this condition. Requires a lot of work to be made wearable.

    This timepiece is most suitable for:

    • A watchmaker looking for a “parts” watch so they can use the “usable” parts to service or restore their customer’s watches.
    • A buyer that is looking for a challenging “fixer upper” watch. A speculative timepiece. They understand that lot of work must be done to this watch to be made wearable.
    • A buyer that is looking to replace a “lost” or “family heirloom” watch that in this condition. For many people, a Rolex is so much more than just a timepiece.

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    My watch is running perfectly. Thank you for the good service!

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    Fran Cornwell

    Thanks so much, you've been very patient and answered all my questions!

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    Andrew Queen

    Best seller I've ever dealt with. Very thorough and understanding.

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    Flawless service, workmanship, value and quality, the best rating!

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    Beckertime was the real deal... Thank you all for everything.

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