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Baselworld 2015 – Bremont News

Every year we get stupidly excited about the new releases from each brand. Well most of us do anyway. In some cases there is additional news that would impact the future of the respective brand. This is one of those years for Bremont where there have been some happenings behind the scenes. First off we […]

Baselworld 2015 – Bremont Part 2

Last time around we covered some of the new releases from Bremont. This time we will continue through the rest of the line-up and perhaps a short rant on a certain film tie-in to round things off. The U-2 was originally inspired by the elite u-2 spy plan squadron. There has been a new addition […]

Baselworld 2015 – Bremont Part 1

French it is not. Quintessentially British it is. Bremont is a favourite amongst British watch fans, due to a number of reasons. Lovely design, robustness, the Company itself and last but not least the English brothers that are the founders. If you ever go to a Baselworld and struggle to find some very friendly people […]

Bremont & Boeing – Watches and Planes

Aviation Inspired Watches: Bremont Shares Common Ground With Boeing What isn’t there to like? Everyone loves watches, well a lot do anyway. Most, if not all of us have some fascination about life in the skies. So… why not bring the two together. And, not just any two. Two of the stand out brands from both […]

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