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Rolex’s Little Brother Feb 26 2015

Last week we touched on Tudor’s current releases, the Heritage Ranger and the Heritage Chrono Blue. These seemingly homage watches are actually extensions of popular watches of decades gone by. They represent the tip of a resurfacing iceberg. That ...

Homages, Damned Homages, And Fakes – Part 3 Feb 24 2015

My last two posts have been discussing the various levels – or grades – of homage watches. Rolex of course, being as popular a brand as it is, is most often the target of those who wish to pay tribute … Continued...

Homages, Damned Homages, And Fakes – Part 2 Feb 19 2015

  A few days ago I began discussing an issue which Rolex aficionados are very sensitive about – and one that hits a nerve with Rolex themselves, too. The issue of homages and fakes. Now, to be sure, there are … Continued...

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