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With 18109 positive reviews! We sell many used luxury timepieces from Rolex to Cartier. Our uncommon quality, great pricing and commitment to service excellence has earned us eBays highest seller designation with a 15 year positive feedback ratio of 99.9%.

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Sans Souci Mailboxes & More – Wall of Shame

Sans Souci Mailboxes & More – Employee Fraud / MoneyGram Compromised? I want to introduce the internet to the repetitive chargeback man by the name of “Michael Fernald“. The name that was used during email conversions, recent ...

Aug 22 2014 Read More

Why Should I Insure My Watch?

Search “Rolex” on Google, then click the subheader “News” and see what comes up. Most results are reports of thefts or of court cases involving thieves. Unfortunately, if you own a Rolex – or any other fine watch – youR...

Aug 20 2014 Read More

Realizing My First Rolex

OK. A lot of you reading this own a Rolex watch. Maybe you own several. Maybe you’re even a collector. But you started somewhere. Someone – maybe your dad or a wife or girlfriend – gave you your first Rollie. … READ MORE...

Aug 19 2014 Read More
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