BeckerTime Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee on Pre Owned Rolex

Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee

Most of our preowned Rolex watches come with the BeckerTime Lifetime Trade-up Guarantee. Please check the item listing to see if the Rolex qualifies. For qualified items, we will state if it comes with the BeckerTime Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee.

BeckerTime Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee

Generally, pre owned Rolex watches retain their value. This can make it easier to sell or trade up to a newer model later on. The BeckerTime Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee offers a fun and simple way to trade in the pre owned Rolex that you bought from BeckerTime towards the purchase of another timepiece. You can use our “BeckerTime TradeUp Calculator” below, or just give us a call at (817) 503-2334. Then, browse our website for the next model you would like to own.

The Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee applies to qualified used Rolex watches that were purchased from BeckerTime. So, if you ever want to upgrade to a newer model, a different model, or a different style, you can trade in your pre owned Rolex and receive the amount you paid for the watch towards your new purchase. Most of our pre owned Rolex watches qualify for this guarantee program. Please check the product listing to see if the Rolex qualifies. For qualified listings, we will state that it comes with the BeckerTime Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee.

We appreciate your business and believe this is a valuable benefit with owning a pre owned Rolex purchased from BeckerTime.

Rolex Datejust to Rolex Submariner

BeckerTime Trade-Up Calculator

Lifetime TradeUp Terms & Conditions

Most of our preowned Rolex watches are eligible for the BeckerTime Lifetime Tradeup Guarantee. Please check the product listing to see if the Rolex qualifies. For qualified listings, we will say if it comes with the BeckerTime Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee.

Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee allows you to receive full value of what you paid for your preowned Rolex timepiece (price you paid for the timepiece only) towards the purchase price of another timepiece. We do not provide credit for any additional links, bezel, band, clasp, crystal, hands, dial and/or other upgrades/additions purchased for a watch. We do not provide a credit for any shipping, taxes, service or repair costs.

The price of the new purchase must be at least 25% greater than the price you paid for your trade-in timepiece.

The watch must be returned without any damage or modifications and be in the same timekeeping condition as when it was originally sold to you. If the watch has been damaged, modified or the timekeeping is not as good as how it was initially listed and sold to you, the amount of the trade-up value may be less than what you paid.

The Lifetime Tradeup Guarantee is not a buy-back program, it is a trade-up program. It applies only to qualified preowned Rolex timepieces that were purchased from BeckerTime by the customer who purchased the watch from BeckerTime. Watches not purchased from Beckertime are not applicable to the Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee. The Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee is non-transferable.