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Authenticity Guarantee


  • All watches are thoroughly examined and checked for authenticity, mechanical, and aesthetic condition and to make sure it is not stolen.
  • We have been in business since 1998 and have NEVER sold a fake watch.
  • All ROLEX watches offered by BeckerTime are pre-owned.

It is important to note that Rolex has been around for more than 100 years.

There have been many changes to Rolex watches throughout the years.

  • Like all successful products and companies, the Rolex watch has evolved through the decades.
  • Almost every Rolex model has been around for many many decades. Rolex usually makes changes to each model about every 10 years (give or take a few years depending on the model). This includes changes to the band. Usually, each change is small so that it does not compromise the style and success of that model. (Example: A Rolex from the 1970’s will be a little different from the same model from the 1980’s and the 1980’s Rolex will be a little different from the same model of the 1990’s… and so on).
  • It is a red flag if a new Rolex is exactly the same as one from decades past. (Example: Although the styling has remained the same, a 1980’s Datejust will look a little different than a new watch. This includes changes to the band. A new Datejust will even be heavier than the 1980’s model. There have been many changes to the Datejust over the years, with the biggest changes happening mid 2000’s).
  • Older Rolex watches typically weigh less than newer watches. This depends on the year of production and the model reference #.
  • Rolex parts and accessories have changed throughout the years. (Example: Before Rolex outfitted their watches with sapphire crystals, they used plastic crystals).

Due to Rolex’s sales policies, authorized Rolex dealers are prohibited from providing verification of preowned Rolex watches with custom aftermarket additions (such as diamond accessories or a band)

  • We recommend you have it checked by a 3rd party independent Certified Watchmaker
  • If you have been told that the watch is not authentic, I can guarantee they did not show you the key areas pictured above and performed those four verification tests as they are the only “full proof” verification methods. It is important for you to personally see each of the four areas… have them show you these areas for verification.

Remember that an Authorized Rolex Dealer is just a company that sells Rolex

  • They are not actually Rolex. They are just authorized to sell Rolex watches.
  • Employees that work for an Authorized Rolex Dealer do not need to know anything about Rolex except for the current product they sell.
  • Rolex is just one of the many items that an Authorized Rolex Dealer sells… so it would be impossible for them to be an expert in all years of production of all models and the different changes each product of each manufacturer has gone through for the last 100 years… They just need to be an expert in what products they have in the store.
  • An Authorized Rolex Dealer is the direct competition of an Internet Retailer… except they can not compete with the prices Internet merchants provide.
  • Do not expect an Authorized Rolex Dealer to say nice things about your Internet purchase. If they did, they know there would never be a reason for you to buy a preowned Rolex from them.

Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

  • Aftermarket parts and/or accessories are not made by the watch manufacturer. They are made by a company independent from the watch manufacturer. (Example: If the aftermarket part and/or accessory is on a Rolex, then that part is NOT made by Rolex)
  • Aftermarket parts and/or accessories can not have any of the watch manufacturer’s trademarks, hallmarks or logos. (Example: If the aftermarket part is on a Rolex, then that part will NOT have a Rolex crown or logo)
  • On some watches, we do use aftermarket parts and/or accessories. Please review the description thoroughly as we provide full disclosure of what is aftermarket.