BeckerTime News App: Your Go-To Resource For Luxury Watches

Download the BeckerTime News App for iPhone and iPad

When you’re in the market for a preowned luxury watch, finding the perfect watch can seem overwhelming. That’s why we introduced the BeckerTime News App, which empowers you with everything you ever wanted to know about preowned Rolex watches and other luxury timepieces!

What is the BeckerTime News App?

The BeckerTime News App is our company’s in-house multiple-writer watch blog designed to be your go-to watch resource focusing on preowned Rolex timepieces. Our App rounds up all the latest news, reviews, trends, advice and stories from our team of writers. We have more than 600 articles in the app and we’re adding more content every week. The BeckerTime News App also has quick links to BeckerTime’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It additionally provides a Shop link to connect you right to on mobile. This enables you to browse our huge selection of luxury timepieces.

Why should you download the BeckerTime News App?

The team at BeckerTime is comprised of collectors, professionals, and experts who are passionate about watches. On the BeckerTime News App, our writers talk about many of the finest luxury watch brands including Rolex. The app is free to download in the iTunes Store for both iPhone and iPad users. If you love luxury watches as much as we do, you will love the BeckerTime News App.

Where is the BeckerTime App available?

The current version of the BeckerTime News App was released in December 2016 to the iTunes store. It is available for iPhone and iPad users. You can also access the app by visiting Click the App Store icon at the bottom of our homepage. That is, of course, if you don’t get too distracted by our amazing preowned Rolex and luxury watch selection as you scroll down the page!

Where to Find More Information

BeckerTime is regularly cited as one of the finest independent luxury watch companies specializing in buying and selling pre owned Rolex online. Our CEO, Matthew Becker, is sourced for interviews and quotes about luxury timepieces, eBay, e-commerce, and customer service. If you have any questions about purchasing a preowned Rolex or luxury timepiece, we invite you to reach out to us at (817) 503-2334.  Also, visit us at We welcome your questions and would love to be a resource in your exciting endeavor of purchasing a luxury timepiece.