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What BeckerTime Has To Offer

  • Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee

    Lifetime TradeUp Guarantee

    If you ever want to trade in a Rolex purchased from BeckerTime for an upgraded model, a newer model, or just a different one, you can exchange the watch and receive full price for what you paid towards the purchase of another pre owned Rolex. We appreciate your business and believe that this is a valuable benefit with owning a BeckerTime timepiece. Certain restrictions apply.

  • Free domestic insured shipping

    Free domestic insured shipping

    Any timepiece purchased from BeckerTime will receive free insured domestic shipping included as part of the purchase price. Charges may apply for international shipment, or expedited options.

  • 1 year warranty on most watches

    1 year warranty on most watches

    This warranty applies to the movement of the watch only. Watch movements are warranted to perform as described in the BeckerTime item description during the warranty period.

  • Rolex Certified Master Watchmaker

    Rolex Certified Master Watchmaker

    If you survey the landscape of brick and mortar, as well as online Rolex vendors, you’ll find that those who have onsite watch technicians are the minority. Rarer still are retailers who have an actual Rolex Certified Master Watchmaker at their disposal. BeckerTime’s Rolex Certified Master Watchmaker makes them unique in both the brick and mortar and online watch vendor circles. For a Rolex Certified Master Watchmaker, their passion and expertise is Rolex watches – they are recognized by Rolex themselves as a master at their craft. Getting your Rolex watch inspected, maintained, or repaired by a Rolex Certified Master Watchmaker is as good as it gets – and at BeckerTime, we strive to provide the very best for our customers.

  • Large inventory

    Large inventory

    BeckerTime maintains one of the largest inventories of quality, pre-owned watches of any brick and mortar retailer or online vendor you’ll find. Because of our commitment to ethics and integrity, many people want to do business with us (again and again!) so we have a GREAT supplier network. Chances are if we don’t have the specific watch you’re seeking in stock, we can have it for you in very short order. We typically maintain an inventory of more than 1000 timepieces at any given time.

  • Personalized customer service

    Personalized customer service

    Ever get frustrated when you try to call someone you’ve done business with only to find they don’t have anyone who answers the phone? How many online vendors even have a phone number? BeckerTime has an actual phone number, and once more we have actual, live, breathing, people who answer the phone. Why? Because we, believe personalized communication is the key to not only creating a great pre-sales relationship, but also maintaining a great relationship. A relationship which extends long after the sale – like when you’re ready to come back to BeckerTime and take advantage of our great trade up policy. If you like talking to a person, call us! We love talking about watches.

  • In business since 1998

    In business since 1998

    With over 18 years of experience behind us, BeckerTime is a business you can trust to be here today, tomorrow, and beyond. How have we survived and prospered for over 18 years? Our customers – we have fantastic customers. But our commitment to ethics and integrity, our personalized customer service, and our after sales support services certainly don’t hurt either. And a sense of humor….we have one of those too.

  • 30 day unconditional money back guarantee

    30 day unconditional money back guarantee

    It’s very simple – a luxury watch purchase is a major investment, and BeckerTime wants their customer’s expectations exceeded with EVERY sale. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your time piece purchase, return the watch in the same condition in which it was sold (including all accessories) and your full purchase price will be refunded – no questions asked.

  • After sales support/services offered

    After sales support/services offered

    It is BeckerTime’s goal that our customer relationship doesn’t end with the sale. That’s why we offer after sales support services which few other luxury watch sellers can offer: Insurance appraisals, watch maintenance services, watch repair services. Not to mention good old fashioned advice. Again, unlike so many other businesses these days, we at BeckerTime actually like to talk to our customers. So don’t be shy about giving us a call any time after the sale – just to say hello and let us know how much you’re enjoying your watch if nothing else.

  • BeckerTime are experts in what we sell

    BeckerTime are experts in what we sell

    When you’re making a luxury watch investment, it’s VERY important that you deal with professionals who are experts not just in luxury watches, but specifically with the brands and models they sell. With over 18 years of experience buying and selling luxury timepieces, the staff here at BeckerTime has developed expertise which few other watch sellers can claim. But please don’t worry about asking what some “snooty” watch stores might consider a “dumb question” – we just want to see every customer end up with the right watch. So put our expertise to work for you.

  • BeckerTime loves to educate our buyers

    BeckerTime loves to educate our buyers

    Sure, we’re experts in the subject of luxury watches. But that expertise has no value unless we share it with their customers. BeckerTime’s attitude is, the more you know, the more you can enjoy your purchase. So we try and take the guesswork out of buying a pre-owned luxury timepiece. Some of our customers don’t really want to know a lot of details – they simply rely on BeckerTime’s expertise to help them. Others are enthusiasts who both learn from us, and share with us their own expertise. In either case, we love to educate our buyers and make them better watch consumers. In other words, we love to talk about watches.

BeckerTime Locations

In the 21st century, e-commerce is starting to become the preferred way to browse, research, and shop. We want to make it easy for buyers to have the ultimate shopping experience. Of course, you can find us here at beckerTime.com, but we also want to be where our customers are shopping. Our pre owned Rolex watches can be found on the following online marketplaces and stores:

BeckerTime Locations

BeckerTime Affiliations

Why is our membership in these various professional organizations important and what does it mean for someone wanting to buy a Rolex watch?

Ethics and integrity. It all begins and ends with ethics and integrity. Everyone claims to have ethics and integrity, but unfortunately, not everyone does. As such, several different organizations exist which either regulate the way retail vendors do business, or provide ratings/feedback on retail vendors. Buying an authentic, quality Rolex from a non-authorized source can be daunting for the novice and fraught with peril for even the most experienced buyer. So when a Rolex vendor can demonstrate good standing membership in these types of rating and regulatory organizations, it says something about their ethics and integrity. Some online Rolex vendors have memberships in a few of the regulatory and rating organizations with which BeckerTime is a member, but no one else can honestly claim to have memberships with these eleven (11). It’s important to note that we at BeckerTime strive to maintain perfect standing with each professional organization which we are a member. Whomever you choose to buy a Rolex from, make certain you buy the seller, not the product. It will make all the difference in your purchase.

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