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Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. This is how we do business at BeckerTime. It’s a formula for success that we have maintained since 1998. This is one of the reasons BeckerTime is among the most successful preowned Rolex companies online. Likewise, our success and longevity also make us a target of unscrupulous Internet users.

The Internet is an amazing place to let one’s voice be heard. Unfortunately there are people out there that will say things that are untrue in an attempt to hurt the reputation of a good person or company. It can happen to anyone. These types of false reports hurts consumers trying to evaluate information about a seller. This is my open letter I wrote in 2009 to address the false complaints made against BeckerTime.

The Truth about Beckertime

My name is Matthew Becker and I am the founder and CEO of Beckertime. I want to specifically address the derogatory reports that can be found on the Internet about my company and companies like me. The report, which comes up in the Google search engine is false and I will prove it. I feel it is always good to see something for what it is… especially since I have spent more than 12 years doing right for my customers.

My company maintains one of the most solid reputations in selling pre-owned Rolex watches in the world, evidenced by our more than 10 years on eBay. We are a member of many professional organizations including the JVC (Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee), the Industry’s Guardian of Ethics and Integrity. Beckertime is eBay’s largest provider of pre-owned Rolex watches where we earned the highest eBay power seller designation, “Top Rated Seller”. We maintain a lifetime positive feedback ratio of 99.9% with more than 13,750 total feedbacks left, and never once a comment of selling anything fake. Our detailed seller ratings are near perfect with 4.9 out of 5 stars for items being as described, communication and shipping. Furthermore, we offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on all items. We invest a lot of effort to ensure that every customer walks away with a positive experience.

In December 2008, a derogatory report showed up in the Google search engine about our company. This report was filed by an individual that did not purchase anything from us, but falsely said he did. In that same month he copied the complaint word for word on other buyer beware” websites and then again in April 2009 where he recommends another Rolex company that he says people should buy from.

To further prove all the complaints are bogus this guy also copied the same remarks for 2 other Rolex sellers within the same 37 hours of leaving the initial complaint. The first with the exact same remarks as mine was left 6 minutes prior to my bogus complaint First RipOff Report and the second left 37 hours later Second RipOff Report.

This would lead me to believe this is a competitor as the writer does not seek a remedy, but rather chooses to publish derogatory statements about selected Rolex sellers in this industry. His actions do not follow any “common sense.” For instance, if he would go through the trouble of contacting the FBI and BBB, you would expect him to also leave negative feedback on eBay. However, since this guy did not buy anything from us, he was not able to leave negative feedback.

Also there would be posts found on the BBB website that shows the complaint… and my BBB shows no complaints since our inception in 1998. — Read more

It is very easy for anyone to post anything about anyone on the Internet. You should try searching the Rip Off Report or any of these “buyer beware” Websites…as you will see that by some estimates, about 50% of the complaints are bogus…either by competitors or ex employees with a grudge. Unfortunately, since the online world and “blogosphere” is so new, laws have not caught up with the system to protect merchants and people against this type of behavior…and many buyers lose out on purchasing the products they want due to cyber fear generated by lies.

This in summary is one of the hidden challenges a high profile seller goes through. Anyone or any company can fall victim to this…it’s a form of cyber bullying. If you hate someone, it is so easy to destroy someone’s reputation. There is very little that can be done especially when the Internet adds the cloak of anonymity for the bad guys. Only companies with amazingly deep pockets can have any chance at going after these guys that hurt legitimate sellers like myself.

Please respond back with your comments. I hope I have answered all your questions and concerns… I feel communication and full transparency is key to trust.


Matthew Becker CEO of Beckertime [email protected]

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