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How Watch Design Has Changed: 2010 to 2020

For a field so rooted in the traditional, the speed at which the design of luxury timepieces changes is amazing. The industry for wristwatches is really little more than 100-years old, but in that time we have witnessed an almost uncountable number of variations in style, size, materials and usage. Sometimes these changes have been […]

Rolex Tool Watches And Their Original Roles

One of the many many areas of dispute among the watch collecting fraternity centers on the, ‘who invented the tool watch?’ debate. The more stubbornly traditionalist members will often point to the Flieger models built for the German Luftwaffe in the Second World War as the earliest examples, or even the initial chronograph stopwatches made […]

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches | Weekly Recap

As watch enthusiasts, we love spotting our favorite timepieces out in the wild. It’s always fun to see how people like to wear them, whether it’s on bare wrists or combined with extra accessories, paired with casual outfits or pulled-together looks. So with that in mind, we’re bringing you recaps of celebrities wearing Rolex watches—every […]

Review: The Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref. 1005

Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual series, the longest-established name still in production in the brand’s history, sits comfortably in amongst the Classic Collection. It shares the space with the likes of the Datejust and Day-Date as something of a crossover; not one of the all-conquering tool watches, but not an out-and-out dress model either, such as you […]

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