The Watch Collector Series: Watch Shows

It is fair to say that high-end mechanical watches have rarely been more popular than they are today. Despite living in an era of breathtakingly fast technological development, or maybe because of it, traditional timepieces are enjoying another golden age. Whether brand new models or vintage grail pieces from fabled makers, or a limited edition […]

Masterchef Served Up Some Tasty Rolex Watches

Masterchef wrapped up its ninth season last week (don’t worry we won’t mention who won in case you haven’t seen it yet) with a two-part season finale on FOX. The massively popular food competition show hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay also included famed chef Aaron Sanchez and successful restaurateur Joe Bastianich as judges this […]

Vintage Rolex

Looking for a way to spend a fruitless and frustrating afternoon? Try getting a bunch of horology experts to agree on when they think a watch officially becomes ‘vintage’. Unlike other subjects (cars, for instance, are formally termed vintage if they were made between 1919 and 1930), there has never been a hard and fast […]