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Rolexes Watches with some Bling Bling

Although Rolex offers a handful of seriously iced-up models of their own, produced in strictly limited numbers and wearing terrifying price tags, for some brand devotees that still isn’t quite exclusive enough. For those fans, only the true one-off will do, leading them to beat a path to the customizer’s door. Here, there are several […]

Rolex and the U.S. Presidents

Being President of the USA has always looked like a pretty lousy job to me. Sure you get to live in big house and all, but does that really compensate for all the stress? Every tiny detail of your life, and every decision you make, is endlessly scrutinized, and you live under constant attack from […]

Rolex and the Royals

The British Royal family (gawd bless ‘em!) are no strangers to the finer things in life. From collections of some of the most important works of art, to antiques and jewelry worth millions, to palatial homes (as in, homes that are actually palaces) they have a lifestyle few can imagine. Of course, that comes as […]

The Rolex Watches Spotted at The Masters 2019

Golf fans from around the world were glued to their TVs this last weekend to see the action unfold at Augusta National Golf Club for the 2019 edition of The Masters. And spectators were not disappointed—in what was perhaps one the most exciting golf tournament in recent history, Tiger Woods made an epic comeback to […]