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Rolex and Tennis, A Fruitful Match

Along with making superb watches, Rolex has managed to maintain their leading status in the luxury watch space thanks to clever marketing strategies. For instance, the brand aligns itself with a handful of prestigious sports, including tennis. The Swiss watchmaking giant has been supporting the sport of tennis since 1978, when the brand became the […]

The World’s Billionaires and Their Rolex Watches

It’s hard to imagine, but according to Forbes, there are 2,208 billionaires on this planet. This select group of ultra-wealthy people, aka the “three comma club,” includes 585 Americans—the largest nationality by far. Naturally, we were curious to see which members of the 2018 Billionaires Club wear Rolex watches and unsurprisingly, we found quite a […]

Top Tennis Players and Their Rolex Watches

The French Open Grand Slam recently wrapped up and the Wimbledon Championships are just a few months away. That got us thinking about the top tennis players and Rolex watches they choose to wear. Rolex is a big supporter of tennis. In fact, this year marks 40 years of the watchmaker’s involvement in the sport. […]

The Importance of a Good Watchmaker

Similar to owning a car and having a trustworthy mechanic you can depend on, if you own a luxury watch—or several—it’s important to have a good watchmaker you can call upon should you need to. If well taken care of, a Rolex watch can last several lifetimes. But the key here is to take good […]