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BeckerTime and eBay – Celebrating 20 Years

It is strange how quickly two decades can just fly by! All the way back in January of 1999, our current CEO Matthew Becker and his father Gordon were collectors with a passion for timepieces. Today, BeckerTime is one of the leading online distributors of preowned Rolex watches. Perhaps the biggest contribution to the success […]

The Evolution of Timekeeping

The passage of time has always been one of the human race’s central fascinations, and devising methods of measuring that passing has long been an obsession. Where we are now is the result of a 20,000-year process of evolution, and we are by no means at the end. But from the incredibly primitive to the […]

The History of Rolex at Baselworld

Today, the names Rolex and Baselworld are inextricably linked. The Swiss watchmaking behemoth is by far the largest exhibitor and uses the annual event to unveil its very latest creations on an unsuspecting world. However, the show had existed for more than 20 years before the crown arrived and was already the most important date […]