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Stainless Steel Rolex Watches

Over its history, Rolex has produced a staggering number of watches. The variety in their selection is truly enormous and it is not difficult to get confused when faced with so much choice. Every person who comes to us knows they want a Rolex. But which one? Vintage or modern? A sports model or a […]

Yellow Gold Rolex Watches

Is there anything that can split an opinion quite like a gold watch? Once seen as the king of precious metals, yellow gold timepieces have been the victims of their own success and now tend to be viewed as either the retirement gift your grandfather was given, or else they are the self-congratulating wrist trophies […]

Two-Tone Rolex Watches

Rolex first patented the term Rolesor way back in 1933. A portmanteau of ‘Rolex’and the French for gold, ‘Or’, it has been used to describe their own proprietary blending of gold and stainless steel ever since. However, with the brand employing three different colors of the precious metal throughout their range, the combination varies slightly […]

Celebrities and their Rolex Watches

While fame can be fleeting, lasting about 15 minutes according to Andy Warhol, the relationship between a major celebrity and their watch endures long after their time in the spotlight has faded into memory. And it seems the first port of call for many a personality once they’ve ‘made it’ is the nearest Rolex Authorized […]

Men’s Rolex Watches

Back in the day, splitting Rolex’s extensive collection into convenient ‘his & hers’ categories was a simple process. The majority of the brand’s output was very much focused on the male customer, with the occasional model being taken away, shrunk to a more feminine size, renamed the ‘Lady Something or Other’ and offered for sale […]