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The Beckertime Brand Series: Audemars Piguet

Making up one third of the so-called Holy Trinity of horology, Audemars Piguet sits alongside the other watchmaking titans of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. Formed in the late 18th century, the marque was founded by two friends, each bringing his own particular strengths and attributes to tackle the myriad challenges of producing timepieces which […]

The Rise and Fall of Romain Jérôme

No one would ever claim trying to break into the horology industry was easy. It is a business dominated by a handful of mammoth players (the ones everyone has heard of regardless of how much interest watches hold for them), followed by a relatively large number of mainstream brands which are almost as recognizable. After […]

De Grisogono Watch Review

The story of the now sadly defunct De Grisogono jewelry empire has just about everything you could ask for; a rags to riches tale, a playboy protagonist immersed in the world of the impossibly glamorous elite, a clientele of the ultra-rich jet set, and an ending mired in scandal and controversy. All told, it is […]

Azimuth Watches: A Review

Perhaps the best thing about horology overall, and the reason for much of its fascination, is that there are really no rules. There is literally nothing which can dictate how a wristwatch should look, or how it should set about doing its job. Admittedly, over the years, a basic form has been settled upon, one […]

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