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The History of Rolex Dive Watches

They may not be able to claim to have invented the very first dive watch—that honor really goes to Blancpain and their Fifty Fathoms—but Rolex has, by any measure, produced some of the most iconic. Founded in 1905, the company was instrumental in transforming the image of the wristwatch, from a fragile piece of jewelry […]

Rolex and COVID-19

If there’s one thing that is absolutely certain about the pandemic currently sweeping across the globe, it is that it is indiscriminate. Literally anyone can be affected, up to and including Prime Ministers and future kings of England. In the world of horology, it doesn’t matter how big a brand you are, or how sacred […]

Review: The Rolex Date ref. 15010

The ref. 150XX series of the Rolex Date comes from around the same era as both the Datejust ref. 160XX and the Day-Date ref. 180XX ranges. All three are exemplified by the same things—they were the debut five-digit references of their particular collections, each containing the first high beat movement given to their respective models, […]

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