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Review: The Lady Datejust ref. 6917

Released in 1957, Rolex’s Lady Datejust range arrived more than a decade after the all-conquering men’s model. The success of the full size 36mm version had been extremely impressive, a watch that combined everything the brand had pioneered up to that point. Not only was it stylish enough to be worn with anything and on […]

Review: The Rolex Submariner ref. 16613

By the time the ref. 166XX range of Rolex’s legendary Submariner made its debut in 1988, its days as the last word in out-and-out tool watches were long gone. In fact, it had begun making the switchover from robust but stylish dive companion to lavish status symbol as far back as 1969, with the introduction […]

Review: The Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803

Launched in 1956, the Day-Date arrived 11 years after its closest cousin, the Datejust. An immediate success and elegant statement of intent from Rolex, it was the first self-winding, waterproof wristwatch ever made to display both the date and the day of the week spelled out in full. Its twin complications, and its solely precious […]

What Are Rolex Dials Made From?

Aesthetically, there is no element more important on a watch than its dial. As well as being tasked with displaying all the relevant information, it is what gives a timepiece its character. Get it wrong, and it doesn’t matter how good the watch is in every other respect, it will likely fail to find an […]