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How Long Does a Rolex Last?

If you’re going to spend Rolex money—on anything—you have every right to expect that thing to last a long time. The brand’s initial buy-in price seems high on first acquaintance, but if you happen to look through any number of vintage watch websites, you will see just how many of them dating back to the […]

Review: The Rolex Date ref. 15037

While it may be relatively slow about it, Rolex is an ever evolving company. Processes, technologies and materials change and improve over time, many innovated by the manufacturer itself. The ones that best capture the essence of what the brand is trying to achieve are adopted, while those which have run their course are retired. […]

Review: The Rolex Lady-Datejust ref. 69178

Not only is the Lady-Datejust the archetypal women’s Rolex, it could legitimately be described as the one truly essential women’s watch from any brand. Of course, there are significantly fewer lady’s models out there on the market and so competition is far lower than among men’s watches—just one reason so many women are now wearing […]

Review: The Rolex Date ref. 1550

For this edition of our series taking a more in depth look at some of Rolex’s most important references, we concentrate on a true rarity. The Date, an ever-so slightly scaled-down version of the full size Datejust, has always been a bit of an outlier in the range. Coming in at 34mm, the mere two […]

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