Rolex and the Rise of the Super Fake

Anything that has value, especially in the arts, has always been prey to counterfeiters. Great paintings have been forged, as have pieces of fine jewelry or sculpture, and sold to the unsuspecting, often for phenomenal sums of money. As technology has progressed, it has also become possible to produce convincing fakes of mass produced items—shoes, […]

Rolex and the U.S. Presidents

Being President of the USA has always looked like a pretty lousy job to me. Sure you get to live in big house and all, but does that really compensate for all the stress? Every tiny detail of your life, and every decision you make, is endlessly scrutinized, and you live under constant attack from […]

Rolex During the World Wars

Throughout history, the human race has never been more inventive than during times of war and conflict. It’s a sad truth, but a truth all the same. Everything from Duck tape to microwave ovens to the internet has come about as a result of wartime research; sometimes by happy accident, other times after desperate efforts […]

Rolex and the Royals

The British Royal family (gawd bless ‘em!) are no strangers to the finer things in life. From collections of some of the most important works of art, to antiques and jewelry worth millions, to palatial homes (as in, homes that are actually palaces) they have a lifestyle few can imagine. Of course, that comes as […]