History of the Rolex Cellini

Perhaps the least known out of all Rolex’s many creations, the Cellini stands apart from the rest of the watchmaker’s output in a number of ways. Rather than being a name that describes a single series, such as the Datejust or the Daytona, Cellini has long been a catch-all term for any of the brand’s […]

The History of Rolex at Baselworld

Today, the names Rolex and Baselworld are inextricably linked. The Swiss watchmaking behemoth is by far the largest exhibitor and uses the annual event to unveil its very latest creations on an unsuspecting world. However, the show had existed for more than 20 years before the crown arrived and was already the most important date […]

Rolex Watches Discontinued in the 1990s

The 1990s seemed almost like a decade where Rolex had to stop to catch its breath. After the explosion in their popularity in the 80s, prefaced by the arrival of the first self-winding Daytona, and before the revolutionary charges waiting in the wings for the new millennium (among them, the second self-winding Daytona), it was […]