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Rolex Versus the Rest

I had a friend once who claimed he hated The Beatles. He would actually get quite vociferous about it, putting forward all manner of ill-thought out explanations as to why he considered them overrated—they lacked creativity, they had average musical ability at best, they were more a product of hype than talent, etc. What it […]

Radioactive Rolex

I’m sure you remember the scene in Dr. No, the first outing on the big screen for Sean Connery’s James Bond. 007 is off to search Crab Key, the island lair of the titular villain, to investigate the origin of a number of radioactive rock samples. Like any conscientious civil servant, Bond tests his Geiger […]

The Perils of Fake Rolex Watches

Technology is wonderful isn’t it? Seems like every day we get a new innovation or breakthrough; some fresh timesaving, labor-reducing gadget that makes life just that little bit easier and more convenient. Things that seemed impossible a few short years ago are now commonplace, thanks to an unrelenting cycle of scientific and industrial progress. If […]

BeckerTime and eBay – Celebrating 20 Years

It is strange how quickly two decades can just fly by! All the way back in January of 1999, our current CEO Matthew Becker and his father Gordon were collectors with a passion for timepieces. Today, BeckerTime is one of the leading online distributors of preowned Rolex watches. Perhaps the biggest contribution to the success […]