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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

BeckerTime FAQ Page

The BeckerTime faq page contains some frequently asked questions about our online store. Please feel free to contact us at (817) 503-2334 if you have any other questions.

Shipping & Processing Time [ back to top ]

Is there a processing time
Yes, at present, we ship all items from our facility FOUR (4) BUSINESS DAYS from the date payment is received.

Why is there a processing time
Basically, this processing time allows us to re-examine the watch to make sure it is still in the same condition as described. Also, It allows us to do a final 24 to 48 hour timing to ensure accuracy. Subsequently, this allows us to correct any timing issues prior to shipping.

When will my package ship?
Providing there are no holidays, if the payment is received:

  • Saturday, Sunday, or Monday — Your package will ship Friday.
  • Tuesday — Your package will ship Monday.
  • Wednesday — Your package will ship Tuesday.
  • Thursday — Your package will ship Wednesday.
  • Friday — Your package will ship Thursday.

I paid for expedited shipping (ie. FedEx/UPS 2nd Day Air or FedEx/UPS Next Day Air). Does this mean I will receive it in 2 days or next day?
No, there is still a 4 business day processing time. Once the 4 business day processing time passes, your package will then ship via the expedited shipping method.

Can you ship sooner than the 4 business day processing time?
Due to our sales volume, we cannot ship sooner. However, on rare occasions we may be able to make an exception… but, you MUST contact us to make arrangements before payment. Remember, our normal processing time is designed to make sure all watches leave our facility in the condition as described. Clearly, we want to make sure every order is processed correctly and without errors. Please keep in mind, the unintended consequence of rushing an order with a timepiece of this caliber is vulnerable to a higher degree of errors.

Will the package be shipped fully insured?
Yes, we ship all packages from our facility insured for the purchase amount.

I received my watch and it is not working?
Promptly email us so we can correct the issue to your satisfaction. Occasionally, a rough shipping trip and/or altitude & temperature variations experienced in transit can cause a watch to not run properly. In addition, pressure of trapped air molecules inside the case can cause either expansion or compression on the parts of the movement. Of course, this even happens to brand new watches when the manufacturer ships to an authorized dealer…except the adjustments of decompression and calibration are usually made in the store after the package has been delivered. However, mechanical timepieces are not made to be shipped due to the fragility and complexity of a movement.

Will a signature be required for delivery?
Yes, all packages $100 or more in value will require an adult signature for delivery. This is for insurance purposes.

What shipping carrier will deliver my item?
For all domestic orders, we ship via UPS or USPS. For all International orders, we ship via UPS or DHL.

What are the shipping rates?
For all domestic orders: Free UPS ground shipping. $45 UPS 2nd Day Air. $65 UPS Next Day Air.
For all International orders: $60 UPS or DHL

Payments [ back to top ]

Can I call or email you my credit card information?
No, we only accept credit cards through PayPal and Amazon Payments

I do not want to pay with PayPal. How can I pay?
We also accept payment via credit cards, Affirm, and bank wire transfer. Some restrictions apply.

What countries do you NOT accept payment from?
Currently, we do NOT accept payment or ship to Russia, Ukraine, China, Mexico, France, Indonesia or Africa.

What currency must the payment be in?
At present, we ONLY accept payments in United States Dollars (USD).

Sales TAX (USA buyers) [ back to top ]

Do you collect sales tax?

Texas: We are required to collect Texas sales tax for items shipped to or picked up in Texas unless you fax, email or mail us a valid resellers permit.

California: We are required to collect California sales tax for items shipped to California unless you fax, email or mail us a valid resellers permit.

Sales delivered or sourced to Washington State: Sales or use tax is due on certain purchases delivered or sourced to Washington. Washington requires you to file a use tax return when sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase. This message is required under the Revised Code of Washington 82.13.020(2)(a)(i) [1].

BeckerTime is not required to, and does not, collect Washington State sales or use tax. Under Washington State law, purchases are not tax-exempt merely because a seller is not required to collect Washington’s tax. Washington State law requires Washington purchasers to review untaxed purchases and, if any tax is owed, file a Washington use tax return and pay any tax due. Visit for more information.

All other states: If sales and/or use tax is not collected at the time of purchase by BeckerTime, you may be required to file and pay the sales and/or use tax directly to the state and/or local tax authorities for which the item was shipped to. Some states require purchasers in that state to report all non-taxed purchases of taxable items and pay tax on those purchases. For more information, we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

Customs Duties & Taxes and Shipping Fees (International Buyers) [ back to top ]

If my country collects Customs Duties and Taxes, who pays the Customs Duties & Taxes and fees?
Invariably, the BUYER pays ALL customs duties & taxes and shipping fees. Therefore, these charges are the BUYER’S responsibility.

How do I know if I need to pay Customs Duties & Taxes and fees?
Generally, almost all countries charge customs duties & taxes on items being imported from the USA. Therefore, you are responsible to know your Country’s importing laws and taxes.

How much will I pay for Customs Duties & Taxes and fees?
Of course, every country is different. So, please contact your local customs office and/or the shipping carrier for the amount and/or tax rate.

When are the Customs Duties & Taxes and fees paid?
Normally, the delivering freight (shipping) company collects the customs duties & taxes and fees, or when you pick the item up.

Will you declare the package as a “gift”?
No, we declare all items as “merchandise”.

Will you declare the package as a “repair”?
No, we declare all items as “merchandise”.

Will you state a lower amount for customs?
No, we declare all items truthfully for the purchase price paid to BeckerTime.

Once the item has shipped, how long does it take to receive the item?
Evidently, the customs process can cause a delay in receiving your package. Accordingly, all packages are subject to inspection by your country’s customs department. But, every country is different in how they process a package.

Returns [ back to top ]

What is your return policy?
If it does not put a lump in your throat, you can send it back for a full refund.

Simply email us within 30 days of you receiving the item. Then, promptly ship the item back fully insured. Besides, we are not like other dealers where you must wait months to see the credit or refund. In fact, we process all of our returns each weekend and credit your PayPal account no later than 3 business days following that weekend. Also, unlike most retailers, we will not deduct a restocking fee. Therefore, we will refund 100% of the item’s purchase price.

Do you accept returns?
Yes, in fact, we offer a 30 day return policy.

Can I return an item for a refund?
Yes, just email us and let us know within 30 days of you receiving the item.

Is there a restocking fee?
No, however, we must receive it within 30 days in the same condition with everything that was included (ie. box, tag, etc.).

Is shipping refunded by BeckerTime?
No, presently, we do not refund the the original shipping fees and shipping costs.

Is customs duties & taxes and shipping fees refunded by BeckerTime?
No, at this time, Beckertime does not refund any of the customs, duties, taxes or brokerage fees. Although, you can contact your local customs office or the shipping carrier to request a reimbursement of your taxes and/or fees. However, please note that some countries will NOT provide a reimbursement of your taxes or fees for a returned item.