Rolex Model Numbers - What do they mean?

Rolex Model Numbers

Anyone fortunate enough to receive a Rolex with a history will undoubtedly want to find out a little more about it. One way of doing this is by using the model number. It can tell you the type of watch, type of bezel and the material from which it was made.

Unfortunately, Rolex themselves does not publish this information, so Rolex enthusiasts such as ourselves have to combine our resources to put together something meaningful. This is the result.

How To Find the Model Number of Your Rolex

Finding the model number of your Rolex watch is pretty straightforward. To access these numbers, you will need to remove the bracelet. The numbers will then be visible on the case where the bracelet joined it. Check the 6 o’clock position for the serial number and the 12 o’clock position for the model number.

Rolex Watch Serial Number

What do the Numbers Mean?

Once you have identified the model number of your Rolex, it’s useful to know what they mean…Fortunately, we can tell you. Rolex model numbers are four, five or six numerical digits long.

The first two to four digits describes the type of watch. If the model number is five or six digits long, the second to the last number describes the bezel and the last number describes the metal type the watch is made from. Some models will have letters following the numerical digits that will provide additional information about the watch.

For example, a Datejust with a model number 16014 breaks down to:

160 1 4
Rolex Model:
Bezel Type:
Metal Type:
Steel & White Gold

Rolex Model

Oyster Perpetual 10xx, 60xx, 61xx, 62xx, 65xx, 66xx, 67xx, 671xx, 672xx, 760xx, 761xx, 762xx, 770xx, 775xx, 140xx, 142xx, 1143xx, 1160xx, 1762xx, 1772xx
Air-King 43xx, 44xx, 49xx, 55xx, 65xx, 140xx, 1142xx, 1169xx
Air-King Date 57xx
Date 15xx, 65xx, 66xx, 68xx, 69xx, 150xx, 152xx, 155xx, 1152xx
Datejust 60xx, 63xx, 65xx, 66xx, 68xx, 69xx, 16xx, 160xx, 162xx, 681xx, 682xx, 782xx, 811xx, 812xx, 813xx, 863xx, 1161xx, 1162xx, 1163xx, 1262xx, 1781xx, 1782xx, 1783xx, 1791xx, 1792xx, 1793xx, 1794xx, 2782xx, 2783xx, 2791xx, 2793xx
Day-Date 18xx, 65xx, 66xx, 180xx, 182xx, 183xx, 189xx, 1181xx, 1182xx, 1183xx, 1282xx, 1283xx, 2182xx, 2183xx, 2282xx, 2283xx
Daytona Cosmograph 62xx, 165xx, 1165xx
Explorer I 10xx, 55xx, 60xx, 61xx, 62xx, 63xx, 66xx, 142xx, 1142xx, 2142xx
Explorer II 165xx, 2165xx
Sea Dweller 16xx, 166xx, 1166xx, 1266xx
Submariner 55xx, 62xx, 65xx, 140xx, 1140xx
Submariner Date 168x, 168xx, 168xxx, 166xx, 1166xx
GMT Master 16xx, 65xx, 167xx
GMT Master II 167xx, 1167xx, 1267xx
Oysterquartz Datejust 170xx
Oysterquartz Day-Date 190xx, 191xx
Yachtmaster 166xx, 686xx, 696xx, 1166xx, 1266xx, 1686xx, 1696xx, 2266xx, 2686xx

Rolex Model Codes

Modified (on some models that have a 3130 caliber movement) M
Trous Borgnes (on some no-holes models) T

Bezel Type

Domed (Smooth) 0
Fixed Engraved – Daytona 0
Rotating – Submariner with 5 digit 168xx & 6 digit 168xxx Model # 0
Rotating – Sea-Dweller 0
Rotating – GMT-Master with 5 digit 167xx Model # 0
Bark with 12 diamonds – Day-Date 0
Gemstone (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire) – Datejust Pearlmaster 0
Engine Turned – Index 1
Fixed Engraved – Daytona 1
Rotating – Submariner and GMT-Master II 1
Fluted – Mens Datejust with 5 digit 160xx Model #’s 1
Fluted – Midsize Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 1
Fluted with 12 Diamonds – Ladies and Midsize Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 1
Domed (Smooth) with 12 Diamonds – Datejust Pearlmaster 1
Engine Turned 2
Fixed Engraved – Daytona 2
Domed (Smooth) – Day-Date with 5 digit 180xx Model #’s 2
Domed (Smooth) with 1 Diamonds – Datejust Pearlmaster 2
Rotating – Yacht-Master 2
Fluted 3
Engine Turned – Index – Ladies Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 3
Engine Turned – Mens Datejust with 5 digit 160xx Model #’s 3
Diamond – Ladies Datejust with 5 digit & 6 digit 1791xx & 2791xx Model #’s 3
Diamond – Datejust Pearlmaster 3
Bark 4
Domed (Smooth) – Midsize Datejust 4
Domed (Smooth) with 24 Diamonds – Midsize Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 4
Gemstone (Sapphire) – Datejust Pearlmaster 4
Engine Turned – Ladies Datejust and Oyster Perpetual 4
Diamond – Mens Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 4
Diamond – Day-Date 4
Turn-O-Graph 5
24-Hour Bezel – Explorer II 5
Engine-Turned – Mens Date with 5 digit 150xx Model # 5
Rotating – GMT-Master with 5 digit 167xx Model # 5
Rotating – Yacht-Master 5
Pyramid – Midsize Datejust 5
Diamond – Day-Date and Ladies & Midsize Datejust 5
Gemstone (Diamond, Sapphire) – GMT-Master II 5
Turn-O-Graph 6
Rotating – Sport Models 6
Domed (Smooth) – Ladies Datejust 6
Diamond – Midsize Datejust 6
Diamond – Day-Date and Daytona 6
Bark 7
24-Hour Bezel – Explorer II 7
Diamond – Day-Date with 5 digit 183xx Model # 7
Diamond – Daytona 7
Fluted – Ladies and Midsize Datejust 7
Domed (Smooth) – Ladies Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 8
Diamond – Day-Date and Datejust 8
Gemstone (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire) – Daytona 8
Rotating – Yacht-Master II 8
Fluted – Ladies Oyster Perpetual with 5 digit Model #’s 9
Gemstone (Diamond, Sapphire) – Mens Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 9
Gemstone (Diamond, Emerald) – Day-Date and Datejust Pearlmaster 9
Gemstone (Diamond Ruby, Sapphire) – Daytona 9
Domed (Smooth) – Ladies Datejust with 6 digit Model #’s 9
Domed (Smooth) – Day-Date 9
Engine-Turned – Index – Ladies Datejust with 5 digit Model #’s 9

Bezel Color Codes

Bleu/Rouge (Blue and Red) BLRO
Bleu/Noir (Blue and Black) BLNR
Chocolat/Noir (Brown and Black) CHNR
Lunette Bleu (Blue) LB
Lunette Noir (Black) LN
Lunette Verte (Green) LV
Glace Verte (Green Sapphires) GV
Rainbow (Multicolored Sapphires) RNBW
Saphirs Bleu Vert (Blue Sapphires, Green Sapphires and Yellow Sapphires) SABLV
Saphirs Brillants (Blue Sapphires and White Diamonds) SABR
Saphirs Cognac (Cognac Sapphires) SACO
Saphirs Fuchsia Bleu (Fuchsia and Blue Sapphires) SAFUBL
Saphirs Jaune Orange (Yellow and Orange Sapphires) SAJOR
Saphirs Noir (Black Sapphire and White Diamonds) SANR
Saphirs Rubis (Black Sapphire, Red Rubies and White Diamonds) SARU
Tessellate Brillants (White Diamonds) TBR
Tessellate Emeraude (Green Emeralds) TEM

Metal Type

Stainless 0
Stainless Stainless & Rose Gold 1
Stainless Steel & Platinum 2
Stainless Steel & Yellow Gold 3
Stainless Steel & White Gold 4
Gold Shell – Date Models 5
Rose Gold 5
Platinum 6
14k Yellow Gold 7
18k Yellow Gold 8
18k White Gold 9