What does aftermarket mean?

We get asked a lot of questions regarding aftermarket parts such as:

What does aftermarket mean?

Aftermarket is defined as being a part not made by the manufacturer. This means that any aftermarket part is not made by Rolex.

Why buyers choose aftermarket?

The two most common reasons a buyer may choose to buy a Rolex that has been customized or has an aftermarket part or parts is it either allows the buyer pay less for that Rolex (if all other factors are the same for the age and condition) or it allows a buyer to get something that Rolex does not offer. For example, if a buyer wanted a ladies stainless steel Rolex Datejust from the 1990’s with a diamond bezel, the watch would not only be priced lower (than if it had an original Rolex diamond bezel), it would allow the buyer to have a diamond bezel on the watch. Rolex did not permit or produce diamond bezels for ladies stainless steel Datejust produced in the 1990’s or earlier.

How does aftermarket parts affect the value of a Rolex?

The value of a Rolex is based on 3 primary factors. AGE, CONDITION, and ORIGINALITY (OEM). “OEM” means “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. The more original (OEM) a Rolex is, the more it is valued at and the more it will cost. For an example, If comparing a Rolex that currently has an aftermarket band to a Rolex that has an original Rolex band… and the original Rolex band was in perfect condition… then the value of the Rolex with the original band would be more than if it had an aftermarket band. If the Rolex had an original Rolex band… and the original Rolex band was in poor condition… then the value of the Rolex may be the same as it having an aftermarket band (or even slightly less).