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NOMOS Has Struck Gold


Glashütte is a very famous watchmaking town in Saxony, Germany it is also home to a real powerhouse in top-end horology and watchmaking; A. Lange & Söhne. Within this Mecca of watchmaking in Germany is another brand that has been making waves in the last 20 or so years. If you have not heard of them before, this company is NOMOS and has a really strong identity and ethos, which it has made a success out of. Renowned for their Bauhaus inspired designs for their watches and more importantly all of their movements are made in-house and have been since 2005. How many watch companies can boast that? This is a manufacture at its very best, great movements, timeless design, last but not least the portfolio is very affordable.

It currently consists of a number of models, some of which I really like, such as the Orion, Tangente and also the Zurich.

Bild 329

At Salon QP this year, NOMOS released two new models that sit at the very top of their product portfolio. These are the Lambda and Lux. Today I will write about the Lambda as it is one of my new favourite watches, this happens to me a lot and I am sure it happens to you guys when you keep seeing what these wondrous watch companies keep producing!

Bild 329

The Lambda is a new watch in solid white gold or rose gold, with an ultimately minimalist design that is so achingly elegant I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Sporting a new handwound movement named the DUW1001, it features two mainspring barrels which allow for an 84 hour power reserve, trademark Glashütte three quarter plate which has been adorned with a sunbeam polished pattern, which is only found at NOMOS. Another trademark detail is the hand-engraved balance cock which is engraved with the words, “Mit Liebe in Glashütte gefertigt.” Literally meaning, “Lovingly Produced in Glashütte.”

Bild 008

The dial is a true piece of minimalist art, displaying obviously the time, but also at the 12 o’clock position the oversized 84 hour power reserve indicator which is accurate to the hour. Also featured is a small seconds sub-dial just under the centre of the dial. All very crisp and clean, my only criticism, and this is true in both the white and rose gold versions, is that the hands are of too similar a colour to the dial, making it hard to read. Luckily NOMOS are not so arrogant to not take on-board feedback, and have already managed to produce a white gold Lambda with blued hands, which I prefer. What do you think?

photo 3

Just take a look at the picture of the movement on its own, this was taken with the camera on my phone! Unprofessional I know but just look at it! Beautiful.

photo 5

It really felt great on the wrist, not too big, not too thick, and I almost walked off with it…

This is the sobering part of this article, all this comes at a price. The rose gold is £11800/ $17800 USD, the white gold is £12800/ $18800 USD. If I had the funds, I would purchase one in an instant, as this has classic written all over it.

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