Pre Owned Rolex: Never Out Of Style 

Ask Anybody Who Wears a Pre-Owned Rolex if They Would Trade It for a Smartphone

Like VCRs and mullet haircuts, watches have lost their importance in modern life. After all, we have our smartphones that give us the time, or our computers or laptops or any number of the newest gadgets we use in our everyday lives. Well, that is what some people think anyway. The truth of the matter is watches are still important and worth wearing. Just ask anybody who wears a pre-owned Rolex if they would trade it for a smartphone.

So, if you want reasons why watches are still worth wearing, here are a few.

The barista at Starbucks hates it, the clerk at the grocery store hates and your mother hates it with a passion, peeking at your phone in the middle of a conversation to check the time. Try checking the time while you are being interviewed for a job and see how impressive that looks. Checking the time on a phone is just bad form, regardless the situation. In fact, many times it can be considered just plain rude. If you wear a watch, it is much easier to check the time on the sly, making no interruptions and no disruptions. In fact, checking your Rolex while in a job interview is probably rather impressive.

When you are out and about doing those everyday things people do, what is usually in your hands? Several times throughout the day you are likely holding books, shopping bags or perhaps even a briefcase. When your hands are full, pulling your phone out of your pocket to check the time can be troublesome, if not hazardous. These are ideal times when simply flipping your wrist to check the time is the best option.

We live in an era of technology. You probably spend your days staring at a computer screen, followed up by wasting time on a tablet and then you check your Facebook feed on your smartphone. Really, when does it all end? There are people who tear away from their game of Candy Crush to stop and take a look at the real world. These people also have no problem leaving their phones in the car while they shop or visit a friend. And it is these very same people who check their watches when they don’t have their phones with them.

Without a doubt, there are certain items in your wardrobe in which you have grown attached. That is, you feel naked when you leave the house without your favorite ring or necklace. For watch enthusiasts, there is no way they leave the house without a watch wrapped around their wrist. In fact, wearing a watch can become part of your identity, it makes you who you really are. In addition, a watch is often the final piece to an outfit, the perfect accessory.

Lastly, wearing a watch is a grown-up thing to do. You will outgrow concert t-shirts, Crocs and studded jeans, but you will never outgrow a quality, stylish Rolex watch.

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