Baselworld 2015 - Zenith -

Baselworld 2015 – Zenith

Zenith are renowned for their Chronographs the El Primero. Of late however, they have started spreading their wings a bit and trying to bring a bit more life to the brand through some smarter and some more akin to Haute Horology too.

During Baselworld I saw quite a bit as always when it involves such a big watch brand. So where do I start? This makes my life really difficult. I will only show you my absolute favourites and also only the ones that are not on embargo!

Let me continue with the Zenith tradition that is the El Primero. Funnily enough I pretty much focused solely on the new El Primero releases, bad me!

At Baselworld the Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition was launched, akin to all the other El Primero with partial open working showing the balance wheel. What makes it different are the decorations. The addition of racing stripes in red, blue and white follow from the strap and onto the dial. It certainly adds a dash of colour and for me is rather nice. Some would say that it may detract from the purity of the watch it is based on.

If you look closely the chronograph pushers also have coloured rings. To mirror the racing stripes, the top pusher has a blue detail, and the bottom pusher has a red detail. The two pushers sandwich the crown which is left alone, no white detail on this one but you can see the colour option has been reflected through the whole piece. Sporty and fresh I can definitely see this as a piece to wear for summer.

A nice dark blue alligator strap with red accents visible underneath through the perforated top layer again continue the colour detailing.

Onwards then onto my absolute favourite from Zenith this year. The El Primero Chronograph Classic is a 42mm beaut. This thing is an example of pure class and understated elegance. A dressy sports watch.

Featuring only two chronograph registers marked directly onto the dial rather than two separate sub-dials. Even the use of arabic numberals is sparse, in a fine and subtle font. All hour markings are done with single or paired batons. The pairs denote an even number, and the single batons indicate an odd number.

Available in rose gold or stainless steel. These are ideal everyday watches for wearing with business or casual dress. Stunning.

Below are a few more images of this tasty and attractive piece. Enjoy!

Note the brushed finish dial, irradiating out from the centre.

A close-up at a funny angle.

This will be followed up later on the year with even more releases from Zenith. If you are lucky their will be a bit more Zenith love with even more pictures next time.

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