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Fall Auction Season

The fall auction season is beginning to heat up. It’s always interesting to see what pieces make it to the auction block The first notable big ticket watch this fall is a Jean-Claude Killy Oyster Rolex triple date chronograph from the 1940s. This one, said to be in excellent condition go under the hammer at […]

Baselworld 2015 – Louis Moinet Memoris

A watch complication can often be seen as secondary to the main event. That of course being the telling of time. Louis Moinet sees it differently. With the advent of the Chronograph nearly 200 years ago by one Louis Moinet, (the name the brand is named after) and 10 years since its’ re-introduction as an […]

Baselworld 2015 – Zenith

Zenith are renowned for their Chronographs the El Primero. Of late however, they have started spreading their wings a bit and trying to bring a bit more life to the brand through some smarter and some more akin to Haute Horology too. During Baselworld I saw quite a bit as always when it involves such […]

Baselworld 2015 – Bremont Part 1

French it is not. Quintessentially British it is. Bremont is a favourite amongst British watch fans, due to a number of reasons. Lovely design, robustness, the Company itself and last but not least the English brothers that are the founders. If you ever go to a Baselworld and struggle to find some very friendly people […]

The Type 23 Rises To The Event – Baselworld

Along with the Type 21, the Type 23 is the second iconic model by Dodane 1857 – and now it’s back with a vengeance at Baselworld, in no fewer than five new variations. Already extensively tried and tested by a large number of civilian and military pilots, Dodane’s watches have been navigation instruments of reference […]

Time Writer

The literal name for Chronograph, from the Greek ‘Chronos’ meaning time and ‘Graph’ to write. It is possibly one of the most popular, widespread and useful complications within the world of watches that we inhabit. All the big players produce some kind of Chronograph, and some have made their names with them, like Zenith. It […]

The Great Escapement – How Rolex helped the British PoWs of WWII

By the beginning of World War II, Rolex SA had already established a reputation as a superior manufacturer of wristwatches. Indeed, many Royal Air Force pilots were replacing their standard-issue watches with a Rolex for their reliability, durability, and accuracy. However, when prisoners of war were interned in the German camps, their wristwatches were confiscated […]