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The Reverse Bait And Switch eBay Scam

I just made that title up. Can you tell? But is describes a phenomenon that’s all too real. I want…read more

Poorly Made Aftermarket Parts Can Lead To Issues

When dealing with aftermarket parts, quality is everything. That’s especially true if you’re talking about parts for the movement. But…read more

The Scam That Really Isn’t A Scam – But It’s Still Illegal

What the heck does THAT title mean? Well, it’s this. Walk down any street in a tourist town in Mexico…read more

Why Do Authorized Rolex Dealers Bash Aftermarket Parts?

OK, for the last several weeks we’ve been touching on the touchy subject of aftermarket parts vs. genuine parts. Is…read more

Wearing a Rolex – Rude or a Symbol of Hard Work?

A few days ago, Matt, my fearless leader here at Beckertime, received this e-mail: Matt, I would love to read…read more

Comparing the Value of a Watch With Original vs. Aftermarket Parts

OK. We’ve talked about whether aftermarket add-ons improve the value of your Rolex. Now let’s take a look at the…read more

Fall Auction Season

The fall auction season is beginning to heat up. It’s always interesting to see what pieces make it to the…read more

Why Would Someone Do Custom Aftermarket …Anything?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the validity of watches that have aftermarket parts and modifications. But why would…read more

Scam Recap – What We’ve Learned So Far

OK, let’s recap what we’ve learned the last few weeks about scams that involve alleged Rolex watches. Scam Number 1…read more

Aftermarket Parts and Resale: The Real Story

We’ve all heard the truism that, when you buy a new car it depreciates significantly the moment you drive it…read more

Scam! Box and Papers Make the Watch Genuine

The last scam we want to discuss is whether or how “box and papers” verify the genuine nature of a…read more

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