Wearing a Rolex – Rude or a Symbol of Hard Work? -

Wearing a Rolex – Rude or a Symbol of Hard Work?

A few days ago, Matt, my fearless leader here at BeckerTime, received this e-mail:

Matt, I would love to read a story about a salesperson wearing a Rolex vs. a Timex. Is it rude and the customer will think the price is overinflated or simply a status of hard work and accomplishments?

In other words, is the Rolex-wearing sales person rudely tooting their own horn, or wearing an honest symbol of pride in personal accomplishment?

I guess it depends on the sales person in question, but I usually assume it’s a symbol of pride. And it’s our considered opinion here at Beckertime that Rolex watches are worth their price, although we think the better value is in a pre-owned piece.

But really, a Rolex is a lot like a Super Bowl ring for the rest of us. When you hear NFL players talk about winning the Super Bowl, they always talk about the ring. Rarely, if ever, do they talk about the money they made or any other part of the hard work and benefits that come from being the best in the league that year.

It’s always about the ring.

It’s the same way with those who wear a Rolex watch.

I have two neighbors on my street who say they’ll buy a Rolex for themselves when they feel they’ve earned one with their career accomplishments. I think that’s how a lot of Rolex wearers (who aren’t collectors) feel.

So when you see a sales person wearing a Rolex instead of a Timex, I think it’s interesting to thing about what he may have done in his own eyes to earn that watch.

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