HYT H3 - The Linear Fluid Revolution -

HYT H3 – The Linear Fluid Revolution

Today sees another launch from the amazing team at HYT, headed up by Vincent Perriard. Last time around it was the HYT Skull which I wrote about here.

Phenomenal pieces of engineering in a completely different way to re-invent the way in which we tell the time, or at least indicate it. The Hydro mechanical horologists at HYT have come up with the H3. Fundamentally it is the same as the previous models the H1 and the H2. However, there is one massive difference. That being the capillary that holds the colored liquid is no longer ’round’ and following the outline of the case. Now it is straight.

I can just imagine how underwhelmed some of you are by this news. Do I blame you for that? Definitely not, but I beg you to read on before you make up your final decision on whether this watch is very different and ultimately damned cool!

This time around the new piece does away with the circular capillary, and also does away with hands. In fact it does away with the standard watch layout completely. It all sounds rather linear at the moment and you would not be wrong. The case is an epic thing measuring in at 62mm x 41mm. The contours and side profile of the case remind me very much an aerofoil, slick and a shape with purpose. Under the brightly colored tube is a set of six cuboids, each with four faces. This watch is devoid of a dial and relies on this grouping of 6 to tell the time. They each display the hour from 0-5, then 6-11, 12-17 and finally 18-23, with each rotation. A special complication was in fact designed to allow for the whole array to rotate the dial on itself, so that only the relevant hours are visible. The other three faces are no longer visible. It is all about poetic motion when the retrograde change of hours and the stored energy in the bellows move the colored liquid back to its’ starting point.  All of this can seem rather confusing at first, just be sure to check out the video below.

Also unlike the H1 and H2 the bellows that move the liquids within the tube are mounted at each end of the capillary. Again in a linear orientation. The message seems to be very much about telling time in a linear fashion. HYT even designed and developed a linear display for the minutes, using a twin articulated arm which sweeps across a graduated rule. This is also a retrograde mechanism.

The most exceptional piece to have come out of the HYT stables so far. Thanks to its two barrels it boasts a 170 hour power reserve (approximately 7 days). Produced in charcoal grey PVD coated titanium and platinum, the series will be limited to 25 pieces. Available from September 2015.

To me this piece is a technical marvel and truly re-invents what HYT have been doing for so long. Gone are the days when a moving liquid was enough, they have now paired it with a retrograde rotating hour display and retrograde minutes. With its open worked mechanism and complete lack of a dial make for a very interesting look. Like the bare cylinders of a car engine. Every surface and angle is there to be scrutinized. Dark, broody and damned cool.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this piece when Baselworld comes around in 2 weeks!


Charcoal grey PVD-coated titanium and platinum with a micro-blasted, satin finish
Length: 62 mm
Width: 41 mm
Height: 16 mm
Screw-down dynamometric crown sheathed in rubber
Screwed offset lugs
Domed sapphire crystal (box) with anti-reflection coating
Open screw-down back in titanium
Water-resistant to 30 metres


Retrograde fluidic hours
Retrograde minute indicator
Crown position indicator (T-N-W)
Power reserve indicator (on back)
Push-button for hour rotation


Mechanical with manual winding, exclusive HYT calibre
21,600 Vph, 3 Hz, 53 jewels
Decorated micro-blasted charcoal grey PVD-coated titanium bridges with titanium coloured satin-finished accents, rhodium-plated bellows
170-hour (7-day) power reserve


Sapphire minutes dial
Aluminium hours dial


Black alligator leather
Charcoal grey PVD-coated titanium folding buckle


Series limited to 25 pieces
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