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New Release : HYT H4 Gotham

It is a tale of the black abyss and lucid red blood. HYT have always done things their way, getting rid of hour hands and introducing liquids inside the mechanism. All bonkers if you ask me. Undeniably they have created numerous fantastic pieces that make a lot of us weak at the knees. That is […]

Baselworld 2015 – HYT Part 2

During Baselworld there was a big buzz over HYT’s main release for the exhibition. Even though I’d written about it from the usual press release and expressed my initial impressions, it really is never the same as actually seeing it and wearing it. Before we get to those impressions, I would like to share with […]

Baselworld 2015 – HYT Part 1

In January you will remember me writing a piece about Iron Man with Back in Black blaring in the background. When I say Iron Man, I actually mean the rather cool watch (if you can truly call it that) from HYT. The Skull. During Baselworld I was able to get my hands on this piece […]

HYT H3 – The Linear Fluid Revolution

Today sees another launch from the amazing team at HYT, headed up by Vincent Perriard. Last time around it was the HYT Skull which I wrote about here. Phenomenal pieces of engineering in a completely different way to re-invent the way in which we tell the time, or at least indicate it. The Hydro mechanical […]

Introducing the HYT Skull

Just imagine the AC DC tune ‘Back in Black’ blaring out at you in your ultra high tech basement / workshop. You are the billionaire philanthropist and genius named Tony Stark. Inventor of the Iron Man suit and pretty much everything else in the modern age. Hot rod red and gold is a great colour […]

Dracula is now available in Harrods London

The popular and rather unique looking HYT watch company, aka Hydro Mechanical Watch Experts have released a new version of their HYT H1. If you know nothing of HYT then let me fill you in, very quickly. Rather than the use of a conventional hour hand, the boffins at HYT have engineered a way using […]