Investing in HULK - Rolex LV -

Investing in HULK – Rolex LV

Investing in watches are a risky business, though less risky than possibly investing in other luxury goods like pens for example. As I am sure you are aware the type and brand of watch weighs heavily on the potential growth of any given piece. Rolex and Patek Philippe are the two biggest brands that ‘hold their own’. Certain models will always do better, and even now it is harder to make a good investment on Rolexes as the volumes that are produced are vast. Vintage pieces are doing better, much like a nice house you purchase it at market value then wait. You may wait for quite a while though.

Waiting or time, no pun intended, is the one factor which affects the investment the most. The longer you wait the more rare a piece will become as it allows for other pieces to ‘disappear’. Herein lies the dilemma.

In 2003 the Submariner reference 16610LV was introduced, production subsequently ended circa 2010 meaning this piece is a historical piece. So it is an old watch with limited production and no longer available. Great, these are all hallmarks of a piece that will appreciate in value. The disadvantage though is that the time that has already elapsed has increased the value of this watch already. A second hand 16610LV would now retail for more than a brand new ‘vanilla’ Submariner 114060.

In 2010 at Baselworld Rolex revealed the 116610LV ceramic a completely green version of the new updated maxi dial submariner. Green ceramic bezel and green dial unlike the previous edition which had a black dial. But either way the 116610LV is still very much in production, and has been since its inception. There have been rumours that it will go out of production soon. Is it worth investing on a piece based on rumour and hearsay? Current retail for a 116610LV is around $9000 and you can pick up a nearly new pre-loved piece for just under $7000.

Which is the better investment? It is really hard to say, one has already done a lot of its growing in terms of value, the other has gone down slightly on the second hand market. This is more than likely due to it still being a current model. Either way it is impossible to tell which would make a better investment, my gut feeling would be to go for the Hulk and not the Kermit. Why? Because it has more potential growth as ‘hopefully’ it will go out of production soon. Well it has 3 years to go before it reaches the same age that the Kermit hit before it was ended. Also it has all of its growing to do once that day arrives.

Saying all of this, there is no greater investment than a piece that you truly love and adore. Getting the most use out of it will be the one with most potential as it is yours to enjoy.

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