Tried and Tested, New and Shiny - The new Trident Collection -

Tried and Tested, New and Shiny – The new Trident Collection

We are all rather fond of that ‘thing’ which has become almost habitual. Be it the usual restaurant you will go out to, you will almost always order the same thing. Most importantly you will know what you are getting. Never to be let down or disappointed in what you have ordered, or expect.

So I will ask you this, what happens if another restaurant opens up a little way up the street, doing the same food, but this time it is better. It has been updated, has a silky new twist on flavor and ingredients making it so much more appealling than your usual place. Well it is time to have a re-think and a re-vamp.

That is exactly what the guys over at Christopher Ward, London, have done. Their iconic Trident collection was historically a bit of a homage to Omega’s Seamaster Pro even including the wave pattern seen on the dials. Gone are the 40mm wide cases, gone are the metal bezels. In their place are two new sizes, 38mm and 42mm and welcome to, you guessed it, ceramic bezels on most of the new models.

The best selling collection since launch is the Trident and in response to a growing number of demands, Christopher Ward has remodelled the Trident Collection for 2015 and it will become the first range to feature six strap sizes!There will be four models to select from including the COSC which will incorporate the brand’s first in-house movement, Calibre SH21 (this will only be the second timepiece to include the movement so far), two case sizes, eight different colour combinations of dial and bezel and will also be available in six strap sizes including 38mm which opens this collection up to all wrists including women. For those that prefer their timepieces big, the new Trident range will also include a choice of 42mm cases.

Their is of course a certain resemblance to the Rolex Submariner in these especially the black dial and black bezel models. Most obvious in difference is the lack of a cyclops over the date.

With all these options to select from, the new Trident collection will give an extraordinary choice of 133 possible combinations of case, watch movement, colour, bezel and strap, allowing wearers to create a truly unique timepiece to suit them individually. The luxury of choice will thrill fans of the brand but also cause them some severe headaches on how to choose one specific one!

All in all this is a rather attractive, affordable love child between Omega’s SMP and Rolex’s Submariner.

The models will be as follows:
C60 Trident COSC – Limited Edition (42mm) is available as a worldwide Limited Edition of just 250 pieces and features Christopher Ward’s in-house movement, Calibre SH21, at the heart of this chronometer version. Retail price: From £1500.
C60 Trident Pro 600 (38mm and 42mm) – meticulously upgraded in every part of this most iconic of action timepieces and water tightness has been radically improved to achieve depths of up to 600 metres (2000 ft) – twice that of its famous predecessor. Retail price: From £599.
C60 Trident GMT 600 (38mm and 42mm) Combining quality, reliability and style a dual-time automatic watch with the supremely accurate and robust ETA 2893-2 automatic movement beating at its core. Retail price: From £799.
C60 Trident 300 (38mm and 42mm) – The entry point into the Trident collection and the perfect expression of Christopher Ward’s ambition ‘to make premium quality watches available to everyone’. The rugged uni-directional bezel is constructed of aviation grade aluminium and this model is watertight to 300 metres / 1000 feet. Retail price: From £299.

Take a look for yourself here on the Christopher Ward Website.

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