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All Stations Are Go at Christopher Ward London

It has indeed been a busy old time at Christopher Ward, in the heart of their operations in the UK. For many watch enthusiasts, last July’s stunning launch of Christopher Ward’s first in-house movement, Calibre SH21, provoked the industry’s quote of the year when the CEO of a major Swiss brand indignantly retorted, ‘What gives you […]

America Here We Come – Christopher Ward

We at Beckertime Blog enjoy all watches, that is what brings us a community together. You, our regular readers will know that this time last year I introduced a little known English brand. Which it would seem is growing and now has decided to expand into the United States of America. Admittedly this happened a […]

Ever Wanted To Assemble Your Own Watch Movement?

Christopher Ward have announced an entertaining new extension to the brand’s in-house movement, Calibre SH21, with the launch of – an interactive challenge where players can construct Calibre SH21 against the clock! The online challenge, believed to be the first of its kind, was designed and developed in close consultation with Christopher Ward’s master watchmaker, […]

Christopher Ward’s New Limited Editions

Christopher Ward has again, after a number of weeks and its’ bombshell release of an in-house movement the SH21, which powers the C9 Harrison 5 Day Automatic. Now true to form they have gone back to the ‘basics’ releasing a couple of their renowned Limited Editions, this time inspired by 2 iconic race cars. The […]

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Jumping Hour MKII Review

Finally, here it is, my #womw review of this complication watch from Christopher Ward, first and foremost this watch is the second iteration of the 00/24 World European Watch Of The Year Awards 2012 finalist, the original C9 Harrison Jumping Hour. On first impressions this watch is very clean, crisp, sleek and elegant, a bright […]

Christopher Ward

So if you read my last article, Christopher Ward is a fantastic fledgling watch company based in the UK that has been producing some fantastic, affordable and quality timepieces. I have had the pleasure of meeting the man himself after which the eponymous brand is named. It was a windy day and as I turned […]

Lifting The Lid

Many of us have been duped into the new age of ‘branded’ products, i.e. products have a name designated on them but have no relation or resemblance to the brand that it is actually representing. All in all we end up paying for a reputation not necessarily craftsmanship. There are obviously some powerhouses that have […]