Don't Buy a Fake!

Pre-Loved Rolex Watches are Quite Affordable and Much Better Than Any Knockoff

There are a number of people out there who choose to lay out a few bucks for a replica watch instead of investing in the real deal. This is quite a shame.  If you buy used Rolex watches, they are quite affordable and much better than any knockoff. If you are considering buying a fake Rolex, we can give you several reasons why this is not a very good idea.

Nobody who buys a replica Rolex will be taken seriously. Wearing a fake Rolex can do damage to your reputation. Regardless of how good the replica is, somebody will eventually take notice and the news that you wear a fake Rolex will spread like wildfire. Is this how you would like to be known? People may even begin to think you are as fake as the watch you wear.

There are replica watches out there that are difficult to distinguish from the real ones, but they are few. The majority of replica watches are quite easy to spot, even from a distance. This is because there are just so many details that differentiate a fake from a real Rolex.

You will be hard-pressed finding anyone who is actually impressed with your fake Rolex. In fact, most will be unimpressed with the fact you wear a fake luxury watch. We certainly are.

You will spend a fair amount of money buying your fake Rolex. Regardless the amount of money you spend, you will never recoup any of it as your fake holds no value.

Your fake Rolex is not built in the same manner as a real Rolex. In our last post, we discussed how durable Rolex watches are, how they can handle adventures and are waterproof and resist dirt and dust. Your fake Rolex will likely fall apart when you are playing with your kids. Look, it’s a cheap watch that will break sooner than later.

All replica watches hold one thing in common, they all keep lousy time. This is because they lack any sort of precision. These watches are simply slapped together at some factory with no regard to craftsmanship or quality. It takes a year to make a Rolex, your knockoff watch was built in mere minutes. This means that the next time you walk into a meeting late, you can blame your lousy knockoff watch for keeping the wrong time.

That fake Rolex you have may show some cool features like a chronograph, but it is all for show. This is because the movement for a working chronograph is very complicated and costs money to make. So while your knockoff watch might have chronograph features, all you can do with them is look at them with sad eyes.

Really, we can’t think of one good reason to spend even just a few dollars on a fake Rolex. Buy the real deal and enjoy a quality made watch that will last a lifetime.

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