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Wear Your Used Luxury Watch With Pride But Remain Humble


We have all seen them and many of you have probably even met one face-to-face, the type of dude who gives watch wearers a bad name. This could be the guy at work who plays the stupid game of my watch is bigger than yours, the very same guy who drives the oversized pickup that he doesn’t know how to park, you know exactly what he is overcompensating for. It could also be the guy who races out and buys whatever is deemed cool at the moment. You know the type, they are the ones who still keep their cell phones latched to their belts and wear Bluetooth devices at all times, even when eating at a restaurant. It is really hard to believe these people still exist.

Anyway, we have put together a list of these watch-wearing pinheads for your viewing pleasure and by all means, please feel free to point and laugh at these fools when you spot them. And if you feel a little uncomfortable reading this, it might be because we are talking about you.


Brand Basher Dude

This type of guy is the one who is always putting down others by dissing whatever brand watch they happen to be wearing. It doesn’t matter the used luxury watch you are wearing. If you are wearing a Tag Heuer, he will give you any number of reasons why Tag Heuer watches are subpar. If he can’t think of anything bad to say about your watch, he will tell you all the cool things about his watch. This is the lowest form of criticism because we are all entitled to our own taste. So follow this rule: Never bash any brand of watch, unless, of course, you see somebody wearing an Apple watch, then bash away.

Dude Who Doesn’t Know When to Shut Up

As a watch enthusiast, you might find it hard to believe that over 90 percent of the population really doesn’t care about how amazing your watch is, regardless the brand or cost of it. They also don’t care about how many watches you own or how much you paid for your Patek Philippe Nautilus. Actually, nobody cares what you paid for it, so shut up already.

Now, if someone does happen to express interest in your watch, then perhaps you can make a few points about it, just stop talking when their eyes begin to glaze over.

Dude Who Tells Everybody How Much His Watch Costs

If you want to impress people with your income, write a big check to a charity.

Fake Watch Guy

You’re a tool if you wear a fake watch and try to imply it’s the real deal.

If you own an expensive luxury watch, good for you. Just don’t be that guy and ruin the reputation of all watch lovers.

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