Leather of Metal? Which Band is Best for your Pre-Owned Rolex

When Shopping for a Pre-Owned Rolex, Should You Choose a Leather or Metal Band?

It is a question that has plagued mankind for many years, an unresolved issue that needs to be addressed and then put to rest. When shopping for a pre-owned Rolex, should you choose a leather or metal band? And when we say metal band, this is not what we mean. One of the harder decisions any watch lover must come to terms with is what type of band is better. Avid watch collectors have several watches in their collections and no doubt have both metal bracelets and leather straps. But if you were to choose one to wear every day, what would it be?

If you are an active fellow and engage in a lot of sporting activities, you might want to avoid the leather strap. Why you ask? Well, active people sweat a lot, which produces lots of moisture that will take its toll on your leather watch strap. So you may want to go with a metal bracelet if this is the case.

If you prefer a solid feel and hardness on your wrist, you should opt for a metal bracelet. In addition to being more durable than a leather strap, metal bracelets can have scratches simply polished out. When your leather band begins to look in sad shape, all you can do is replace it.

However, a metal band can also cause skin irritation in certain conditions, especially when the weather is hot and sticky. Also, a lot of guys don’t like a heavy band and prefer the lighter leather strap. And there are those who feel a leather strap is more elegant looking than steel.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both types of watch bands. You will just have to experiment and discover which type of band is right for you.

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