Pre Owned Rolex: Buy Yours Today

You are Considering Adding a Pre-Owned Rolex to Your Collection

If you are considering adding a pre-owned Rolex to your collection, we must agree that is a wise choice. Your current collection might consist of several quartz watches and a few manual watches. That is, you have watches that are either powered by a battery or need to be wound manually every day to function. But when you get your Rolex watch, you will be dealing with a different type of movement, an automatic movement. There are several benefits that come with owning a self-winding automatic watch, here are a few.

The best thing about owning an automatic watch is the fact you never have to replace a battery. The internal mechanisms of an automatic watch involve a rotor powered by a spring that can be wound simply by your arm movement. This eliminates the need to take your watch to a jeweler every year or two to have the battery replaced. A watch with no battery also eliminates the danger of a leaking battery, which would wreak havoc on any watch. And though watch batteries are relatively inexpensive, you will save money not having to buy them, especially if you own several battery-operated watches.

Watches are more than just devices used to tell time, they are also great accessory pieces. Owning a self-winding watch will give you that old-school aristocratic feel associated with high-society events and other classy social gatherings. If you are an avid watch collector, you should have at least one vintage, self-winding watch in your collection.

Yet another important benefit of owning an automatic watch is that it will last years longer than a standard quartz watch, perhaps even a lifetime. The use of batteries increases the chances of dust and other debris accumulating inside the mechanism. This just doesn’t happen with self-winding watches as there is no need to open them up frequently to replace batteries. And in the case of a watch that has stopped working, it is easier to get an automatic watch working again.

In addition, when purchasing an automatic Rolex watch, know you are getting one of the finest movements in the world.

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