Some common sense things about your Rolex -

Some common sense things about your Rolex

Each day there is another new story about silly things that happen with people’s Rolex. After reviewing some of these news stories, below are some common sense things about your Rolex.

  1. When offering to sell your Rolex, and you don’t know the buyer, don’t perform the transaction in a place that is not monitored in some form. Every week there is a story of a seller being held up after a prospective buyer discovered an easy mark. If you need to sell your Rolex to make way for a new watch, consider trading it through a reputable independent watch dealer such as BeckerTime. If you are selling the watch because you need the cash, perform the transaction as a heavily monitored area such as a police department lobby, casino or bank. A gun, knife, or threat will easily be caught on the cameras and microphones in those heavily monitored areas.
  2. The safest place for your Rolex is on your wrist. There are too many stories of Rolex watches found in pool filters. Additionally, many broken Rolex crystals are from watches landing on tile floor, either in the kitchen or the bathroom. If you remove your Rolex, put it in a place where a pulled towel is not going to catapult your watch into the floor.
  3. Don’t think you are going to pull one over by bringing in your fake Rolex into a jeweler or watchmaker to have it repaired. If it looks like a Rolex, but isn’t, anyone who knows watches can point out a fakes pretty quickly. There are too many stories of people bringing in their “Rolex” watch only to discover that it is a fake, (something that they suspected, but did not want to openly admit).
  4. When in a gym, don’t lock your Rolex in a gym locker. Gym locker room locks are notoriously insecure and anyone with half a middle school education can break into a gym locker. Want to check for yourself how insecure a gym locker is, just YouTube it.

Check back at BeckerTime as this list will no doubt continue to get longer.

— Featured and Body Photo Credits: BeckerTime’s Archive.
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