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Accuracy of Mechanical Watches

The accuracy of a mechanical watch is determined by comparison to an accepted standard such as an atomic clock. Accuracy…read more

How Do You Guarantee the Authenticity of a Rolex?

The ONLY way to guarantee authenticity of a new or preowned Rolex is by having the actual watch inspected inside…read more

Do Box and Papers Guarantee the Authenticity of a Rolex?

I am always asked if box and papers prove authenticity. I wanted to provide an unbiased response that would apply…read more

BeckerTime and PreOwned Rolex Watches on

Here at BeckerTime, we are excited to announce that we are now listed on, a premier Local Advertising Network. Local…read more

Watch Trivia for Your Friday from BeckerTime & NAWCC

If you’re a fan of the watch world and all things time related, here is a neat list of trivia…read more

Where to Buy an Inexpensive Genuine Rolex

Buying anything on the internet can be a nerve racking experience. Make that a Rolex and that only gets worse.…read more

How to Service a Rolex

Owning a Rolex is the pinnacle of style. They are undoubtedly the finest watches in the world and are a…read more

David Beckham Gets Dolled up for Breitling Opening

In a recent article in the Daily Mail, a reporter talks about how a dapper David Beckham has been groomed…read more

Actor Sues Rapper Over Stolen Rolex

An actor from the tween television show Zoey 101 named Chris Massey has reportedly sued rapper Lil Twist for assaulting him last…read more

Review of the Athaya Vintage AV002 Lamafa

Want to see a unique and ever popular dive watch that is perfect for the warm summer weather? Check out…read more

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