Highlighting the Modern Everose Rose Gold Ladies’ Datejust -

Highlighting the Modern Everose Rose Gold Ladies’ Datejust

In 2005, Rolex unveiled a patented rose gold alloy, which they named Everose. As its name implies, Everose was developed to retain its luscious warm rose color and to never fade thanks to a secret formala of gold, copper, and platinum. Since then, Rolex has included beautiful Everose gold editions to many of their collections including the Lady-Datejust. Today we highlight a range of modern Everose rose gold ladies’ Datejust watches.

Everose Rose Gold Ladies’ Datejust 26

26mm used to be the standard size for the Lady-Datejust. However, much like the men’s timepiece trend towards bigger watches, Rolex decided to replace this family of Lady-Datejust watches with a 28mm version. Regardless, the 26mm sized woman’s Datejust remains the most popular option in the secondary market.

For Everose gold options, there’s the rose gold ladies’ Datejust ref. 179175 with the iconic fluted bezel and the ref. 179165 furnished with a sleek smooth bezel. These particular rose gold ladies’ Datejust timepieces run on the ultra-dependable Rolex Caliber 2235 automatic movement to power the center hour timekeeping hands and the date window at 3 o’clock. As with almost all Rolex watches with date windows, sitting above that aperture is the Cyclops magnification lens affixed to the sapphire crystal.

Everose Rose Gold Ladies’ Datejust 28

In 2015, Rolex launched a brand new version of the famous women’s Rolex watch with the Datejust 28. The slightly larger 28mm Oyster case of the latest ladies’ Datejust houses the Rolex Cal. 2236, which made its debut in 2014 in the Pearlmaster 34. Hard to believe, but this new-generation movement offers even better durability, power reserve, precision, and accuracy than previous Rolex automatic movements.

In terms of variety, the rose gold ladies’ Datejust 28 is available in a few different styles. There’s the Everose Datejust ref. 279175 with the dressy fluted bezel, the ref. 279165 with the stylish smooth bezel, and the ref. 279135 with the precious diamond-set bezel. Of course, along with bezel options, dial varieties are almost endless. A particularly beautiful version of the Everose Datejust 28 are those that come with a rich chocolate brown dial, which complements the warm rose gold hue perfectly.

Everose Rose Gold Ladies’ Datejust Pearlmaster

A special version of the ladies’ Datejust, the Pearlmaster is Rolex’s jewelry watch. Not only is the Pearlmaster always constructed in 18k gold and often embellished with diamonds or other gems, but the watch also stands out for the bracelet it’s named after. A supple bracelet with a curvy five-link configuration, the Pearlmaster bracelet wears very much like high-end gold jewelry.

The Everose rose gold ladies’ Datejust Pearlmaster is available in a range of sizes including 29mm, 34mm, and 39mm. There are also plenty of diamond style variations such as the Pearlmaster 29 ref 80315 with a smooth bezel dotted with a dozen diamonds or the Pearlmaster 29 ref. 80285 with a full diamond bezel, as well as more lavish gem-set editions within the larger Pearlmaster watches.

More vibrant than white gold and warmer than yellow gold, the beauty of rose gold is undeniable. And the precious metal looks especially exquisite when fashioned into an Everose rose gold ladies’ Datejust Rolex watch.

— Featured and Body Photo Credits: Beckertime’s Archive.

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