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How Do You Guarantee the Authenticity of a Rolex?



The ONLY way to guarantee authenticity of a new or preowned Rolex is by having the actual watch inspected inside and out by a qualified Rolex watchmaker and/or expert. The person a Buyer chooses to authenticate a watch is just as important of a decision as who the buyer purchased the Rolex watch from. Taking a Rolex to be inspected at just any Jewelry store can be just as effective as taking it to {lets say} a Dry Cleaners to be inspected. Many people assume that all brick & mortar retail Jewelry stores are experts in Rolex, when in reality they may have seen or dealt with less Rolex watches than an owner of a Dry Cleaners.

You do not want a false sense of security. This is why it is important to make sure the person who is inspecting your new or used Rolex watch is an expert in what you are having inspected.  Remember that Rolex watches have evolved over the years and there have been numerous changes. An authorized Rolex dealer who sells only brand new Rolex may not have any experience in preowned Rolex or the many changes that the Rolex models have gone through. The correct Rolex expert will not only know if a Rolex is authentic, but if that Rolex is proper with how it should be (based on the model reference #, etc.)


It is always best to buy from a reputable company who has something to lose if they sell you a fake watch. Like BeckerTime, real companies sell genuine watches and take the time to properly describe all items. This way the buyer knows exactly what they are buying. Are there any aftermarket parts? If so, what parts? What is the mechanical condition?  Are there any flaws? Statistically speaking, even a legitimate seller can have something slip through the cracks… but if a legitimate seller did have something slip through the cracks, they would take care of the issue promptly and to the buyers satisfaction. There would be huge consequences for that seller if they did not make right. Its more than just authenticity… its also making sure the customer is happy and gets what they paid for.

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