Mens Full Size Rolex Watches - Who Knew There Were So Many Sizes

Mens Full Size Rolex Watches – Who knew that there were so many sizes?

A Bigger Trend

Rolex is known for producing luxury timepieces that will last generations. However, when purchasing a Rolex watch, the Rolex watch case size is an important factor to consider. Take a look at all the Rolex model options that are available. Presently, you will notice that there are many mens full size Rolex watches ranging from 34mm to 44mm. In the past, when we would get a question about available watch sizes, there would be only one answer. Today, that is no longer the case. Over the past decade, as bigger watches became more popular, Rolex began to offer larger versions of their most iconic models. As a result, mens full size Rolex watches have found their prominent place and continue to remain in style.

Mens Full Size Rolex Watches

Air-King – 34mm
Air-King (since 2016) – 40mm
Oyster Perpetual – 34mm
Oyster Perpetual (since 2015) – 39mm
Oysterdate – 34mm
Date – 34mm
Datejust – 36mm
Datejust II (since 2009) – 41mm
Datejust Pearlmaster 39 (since 2015) – 39mm
Datejust 41 (since 2016) – 41mm
Oysterquartz – 36mm
Day-Date – 36mm
Day-Date Pearlmaster – 39mm
Day-Date II (since 2008) – 41mm
Day-Date 40 (since 2015) – 40mm
Daytona – 40mm
Explorer I – 36mm
Explorer I (since 2010) – 39mm
Explorer II – 40mm
Explorer II (since 2011) – 42mm
GMT-Master – 40mm
GMT-Master II – 40mm
Milgauss (since 2007) – 40mm
Sea-Dweller – 40mm
Submariner – 40mm
Submariner Date – 40mm
Sky-Dweller – 42mm
Deep Sea – 44mm
Yacht-Master – 40mm
Yacht-Master 37 (since 2015) – 37mm
Yacht-Master II – 44mm

As the years move forward, I predict that Rolex will continue the trend of updating their models to larger sizes. What model will be next? The GMT Master or Submariner? It will be exciting to watch (no pun intended) what the future holds. Browse our entire collection featuring used Rolex with low prices and stay up to date for the best selections.

— Featured and Body Photo Credits: BeckerTime’s Archive.

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