SIHH 2015 Best Bits -

SIHH 2015 Best Bits

Last week SIHH 2015 took place in Geneva, and if you have been keeping an eye on what we have been writing, some pieces will have piqued your interest from the previews.

This time around I will bring you my absolute favourites, the selection is rather scarce but I assure you it is quality over quantity.

Even though this watch was released 2 years ago at SIHH in a different case metal, the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier still takes my breath away. Mysterious in name, Mysterious by nature. The gaping big hole in dial reveals nothing, yet shows everything. The movement of the tourbillon is seen to be rotating around that aperture, seemingly afloat. The hands are above where we normally expect the centre to be. It draws the main focus towards the space in the dial for the tourbillon. In an abstract way the roman numerals are stretched on the dial to fill the slightly different proportions.

The dial itself is finely guilloched, the numerals and additional space is taken up with text such as the brand name. If you look close enough, the numerals are actually a different piece of metal altogether. This second layer sits above the guilloched main dial giving this piece added depth and interest. To give the secret away, the aperture that has the tourbillon in it is in fact a crystal disc itself, which in turn rotates once every 5 minutes. So in essence it is ‘just’ an optical illusion.

With the finely detailed finishing and the classical looks of this piece make it a really rather beautiful watch. The extra detail of the tourbillon makes this all the more interesting. A great talking point!

A watch that has a digital layout, jumping hours, and minute repeater. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Take a look and if you want to share what you think please feel free to comment.

The A Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater is what I refer to as proper #watchporn. This is the first watch ever from AL&S that is a decimal minute repeater, ie it strikes hours, ten-minute intervals and minutes, rather than the usual hours, quarters and minutes. The Zeitwerk family has had the jumping hours for a while and make the time a breeze to read. The one thing that sets this piece apart visually is the addition of black polished hammer on the dial. You can see them at the 4 and 7 positions. If you look closely you will notice the gong that is at the periphery of the dial.

As with all of the pieces from AL&S the finishing of the movement is absolutely top class. Geneva stripes, blue screws, bevelling, polishiing and engraving are aplenty on the L043.5 manufacture movement. A beauty to behold.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but this piece is so striking, in both senses of the word. All puns intended here.

What was your favourite piece from SIHH this year?

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