The (new) Classic Submariner 114060 -

The (new) Classic Submariner 114060

After years of uncertainty on the classic no-date Submariner, Rolex revitalized the model and updated it the refinements found on other Rolex watches. While other Rolex watches were updated with case upgrades, bracelet and dial upgrades, the classic Rolex Submariner 14060 kept the traditional “tuna can” clasp, hollow bracelet links, and pierced lugs. For years, the 14060 was placed in the far away corners of an authorized dealer display case as being one of the “older” models that did not quite fit with the updated line.

That all changed in 2012 when Rolex released the updated the “no date” 14060 to the 114060 complete with the upgrades that blessed other Rolex watches. Based on the 1956 Submariner (reference 6538), the classic No Date Submariner is a robust watch designed for diving and nothing else. The classic No-Date Submariner has no date (as the name implies), no cyclops, but keeps everything else that the Submariner possesses. Having a simple watch face with no clutter from the date aperture and the cyclops is what make the watch alluring to dive watch aficionados.

Pressure proof to industry standard 300M, the 114060 utilizes the same upgraded features as its’ brethren Submariner 116010. The most visible departure between the 14060 and the 114060 is the lack of pierced lugs in the update model. Pierced lugs are what epitomized tool watches for it made it easy to replace a strap with the use of a paper clip. Rolex started easing out the pierced lugs when solid end links were introduced in the Rolex line in early 2000’s. The solid end link found in the updated Rolex bracelets did not necessitate a longer springbar and thus were eased out of Rolex designs. The newer Rolex bracelets now require a springbar tool to remove the bracelet.

The other noticeable difference is the incorporation of a Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert. The 14060 was last of the Rolex watches with an aluminum bezel insert but now incorporates the longer lasting Cerachrom insert and rotating bezel mechanism that utilizes ceramic bearings and nylon holding ring.

The updated 114060 also has the updated Chromalight luminescence on the hour indices and hands found on the Submariner, DeepSea Sea Dweller, and the updated 216570 Explorer II. Chromalight is updated Superluminova developed by the Japanese (namely Seiko) and further refined by Rolex. Chromalight applied to larger maxi-hands and hour indices has a blue luminescence that glows longer than the traditional Superluminova on the smaller hands and dial indices of the 14060.

Lastly, the updated 114060 possesses the Glidelock fine adjustment clasp found on the Submariner. The Glidelock is one of Rolex’s upgrades that should be included on all its sport watches, but unfortunately only found on the Submariner and the DeepSea Sea Dweller. The Glidelock adjusts in 2mm increments and can adjust to fit over a wetsuit (as intended) or over a long sleeve especially useful when your watch is under layers of clothing such as when skiing. Gone is the tuna can clasp and wonky expansion clasps. The Glidelock is a wonderful piece of engineering in and of itself.

The Rolex Submariner 114060 possesses the simplicity of its predecessors and the upgrades found in the entire Rolex line.

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