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Top List of Blogs & Forums in the Watch World


There is no question that the Internet has changed the way the world works. Numerous surveys and studies have verified that the Internet has changed peoples’ lifestyle as well as the way commerce is transacted. Despite the watch industry being reticent to embrace the Internet, watch fans have utilized the Internet to get information that is not available any other way.  Because sound product sales training is rare in the watch industry, watch consumers are coming into watch retailers knowing more than the sales staff as a result of the Internet.

So where on the Internet does one start to gather information about a particular watch or watch  brand.  Dropping “wrist watch information” into Google only leads to a mixture of watch retailers and websites that many or may not be current.  The best Internet sites for watch information are frequently watch forums, websites that are devoted exclusively to exchanging watch information.  One of the nice aspects of watch forums is that you can ask questions and have a knowledgeable answer within hours (if not minutes).  Below are some of the most prevalent wrist watch forums and blogs for learning about watches:

Rolex Magazine: Blog by Jake Ehrlich devoted to bring Rolex history to live and to dispel the many urban myths about Rolex the company, and the people who wore them.

A Blog to Read: A great website and mailing list that has daily reviews of wristwatches. Register on the email list and a new watch review shows up each day.

TimeZone: A longtime moderated watch forum with multiple categories by brand or interest. The website is owned by Antiquorum, a renounced watch auctioneer.

Rolex Forums: A great website for all things Rolex and the watches in general located in Australia.  A very dynamic website with plenty of discussion, insight, and information.

Chronocentric: A website devoted primarly to Omega watches.

Hourtime Podcast: A weekly podcast by John Biggs (from Crunchgear) and Ariel Adams (from A Blog to Read) discussing watches and

On the Dash: A website and forum devoted to Heuer wristwatches and stop watches

Vintage Rolex Forum: As the title says, a simple forum on vintage Rolex watches filled with experts and dealers who discuss the smallest of details found on Rolex vintage watches.  A great place to ask questions and learn the idiosyncrasies found on vintage Rolex.

TimeKeeper Forum: Perhaps the friendliest forum on the Internet.  Run by watch aficionados and fans, TimeKeeper Forum is a great place to ask question as no question on TimeKeeper forum is a stupid one.  Friendly moderators and forum members to glean insight, answer your questions, and a great place to learn about watches.

Fratellowatches: One of the oldest watch blogs, this website has numerous insightful reviews and commentary on watches.

WatchUSeek: Another great forum known as the most visited watch forum site located in Europe with a plethora of categories, brands, and insightful readers / contributors.

With just a little background reading before going into a watch retailer will help you discern some of the smoke and mirrors that are sometimes all to prevalent in the watch retail industry.

  • Watch Lords

    The watchlord forum did not make the cut? We have exposed fraud in the watch industry. are well respected enough to have owners and admins from most other watch forums as members and are referred to by many as a source of information. WUS is over-moderated as is Timezone.

  • Jack Smith

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