Yet Another Rolex-Only Auction -

Yet Another Rolex-Only Auction

Berlin auction house Auctionata is holding a Rolex-only auction next Tuesday.

Out of 94 watches going on the block, there are some interesting pieces here, including a couple of Oman watches, and a couple of pocket watch chronographs.

Auction at a Oman Day-Date Ref. 1803

The obligatory Daytonas and vintage Subs (red and regular) are here, and a GMT or two. Datejusts abound. And of course, Day-Dates. Some pre-Daytona chronos are available too. Steel, gold, and two-tone pieces are all here, including one in rose gold with art deco styled lugs.

Auction at a Rolex Pocket Chrono

And we lied. There are several Tudors to be had as well, mostly Oyster Prince Submariners and chronographs.

No one forgot the ladies either. You’ll find several Lady Datejusts and other vintage examples in the mix.

Auction at a Rose Chrono Deco

You can find more information, and register to bid online on any of these fine timepieces here.

There is one interesting thing to note. Since this auction is taking place outside the U.S., in the European Union, there is a unique disclaimer relative to importing Rolex watches to the United States. It reads:

Auction at a Datejust 18K

ATTENTION: Auctionata cannot guarantee successful delivery of Rolex watches to the US due to trademark restrictions. Auctionata cannot be held responsible for authorizing the transport of watches by Rolex Watch U.S.A Inc. and hereby expressly absolves itself of any issues arising from the US import ban.

So if you’re planning on bidding, caveat emptor…