Apple & Rolex, not a bad pair of companies -

Apple & Rolex, not a bad pair of companies

Although it seems that Rolex does not look for mainstream attention, the luxury watchmaker tops the annual superbrands survey, where it remains on top of the U.K. consumer favorites list for the second year running, topping ever present Apple and Microsoft, and U.K. megabrand Rolls-Royce. Superbrands published two surveys; one listing Consumer Superbrands and the other as Business Superbrands. Rolex tops the Consumer list and Apple Computer tops the Business Superbrand.

Superbrands is an independent arbiter on branding and utilizes the opinions of marketing experts and thousands of British consumers. Superbrands UK has operated since 1995 commissioning independent research to identify U.K.’s most recognized brands. The report said, “A Superbrand offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over other brands, which customers want and recognise.”

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the Superbrands Expert Council, explains some of the survey results. “As consumers remain unsettled and fearful over what feels like endless economic doom and gloom, malpractice in key institutions and a weakening position for Britain in a changing world, it is perhaps no surprise that we are turning to reassuringly-familiar brands that we have known throughout our lives – often much- loved British establishments that we still trust, despite recent problems for some. In addition, voters recognise newer technology brands that make our lives simpler, happier and better-connected in these difficult times.”

Rolex impressed U.K. consumers and industry experts who considered the company’s “quality, reliability, and distinction”. It pushed iPhone maker Apple into second place for the second year running and Microsoft into third.

Rolex’s marketing machine certainly shapes the perceptions U.K. consumers with its sponsorship of British established events such as Wimbledon, equestrienne’s FEI World Cup, British royal equestrienne Zara Phillips, Formula 1, and other high profile sporting and arts events. More recognized and revered as other established brands such as Coca Cola, Facebook and Disney, Rolex tops the charts because of its consistent marketing and consistent quality product. Just has how no one has ever seen an evil Mickey Mouse, no one has ever seen a bad Rolex wrist watch. Rolex association with quality and prestige is built on decades long efforts to bring quality wrist watches irrespective of cost to the consumer. Anyone viewing or purchasing a Rolex wrist watch associates quality and functionality –a perception that Rolex has built over decades of development and marketing. Unlike Apple which is a company that makes people’s lives easier, Rolex is a company that emulates quality and craftsmanship over time.

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