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Rolex & Tag Heuer’s Response to Apple Watch

There have been so many articles about the effects that Apple watch will have on luxury brands like Rolex, but let’s take a look at what luxury brands actually think about it. In short, they really don’t care. In fact, Rolex is responding to the smartwatch movement by not responding at all. In fact, Randy […]

Would You Donate a $17k Watch?

A San Francisco performance artist named Qinmin Liu is essentially guilt-tripping those able to afford one of the new Apple watches into donating 50 of them for her upcoming exhibit. But she doesn’t just want any Apple watch, she want’s the 18-karat gold version. On Liu’s donation form she says, “If you own or plan […]

The Apple Watch – Again

It started several years ago, when my wife innocently gave me a second generation iPod Touch for Christmas. I spent all Christmas afternoon learning about it, and searching the App Store for cool watch apps. I found one in the Emerald Chronometer written by two guys in California who call themselves Emerald Sequoia. Little did […]

Apple & Rolex, not a bad pair of companies

Although it seems that Rolex does not look for mainstream attention, the luxury watchmaker tops the annual superbrands survey, where it remains on top of the U.K. consumer favorites list for the second year running, topping ever present Apple and Microsoft, and U.K. megabrand Rolls-Royce.  Superbrands published two surveys; one listing Consumer Superbrands and the […]