The Apple Watch – Again -

The Apple Watch – Again

It started several years ago when my wife innocently gave me a second-generation iPod Touch for Christmas. I spent all Christmas afternoon learning about it, and searching the App Store for cool watch apps.

I found one in the Emerald Chronometer written by two guys in California who call themselves Emerald Sequoia. Little did I know on that quiet Christmas afternoon, that I had just stepped off the edge of a very slippery slope on a then-unguessed facet of horology.

I enjoyed my watch app so much, I contacted the guys who wrote it. I offered to write an article about it and to try and get it published. This was long before I was a watch writer. In fact, I thought that article might open a door or two and make me a watch writer.

I wrote the article but no doors opened. The article remained unpublished in the digital bowels of my computer.

Several years later, enter The Apple Watch.

Are you tired of hearing about the Apple Watch? As tired as I am of writing about it? Jes’ sayin’…

And yet, with Tim Cook’s keynote yesterday, I can feel myself being pulled to the Dark Side. I’m resisting doing my homework because I’m very concerned that I’m losing the battle and falling in love with the thing.

Not the $10,000 – $17,000 18K gold version. (Why the big price spread? The only difference is the buckle and size.) The basic $350 – $400 sport model. And not to tie it to my iPhone either, although I suppose if I jump down the rabbit hole, I might as well go all in.

No, I’m thinking about cruising on over to the Apple Store on April 10 and plunking down my Cash American (more likely, American Plastic) for an Apple Watch on the hope that the boys at Emerald Sequoia are working on an app.

See, I know there’s a developer’s kit for writing Apple Watch apps. Man, I hope the Emerald Sequoia boys have it and are sprinting toward releasing an Emerald Chronometer version for the watch.

I only wish Apple had tapped them to write the code behind the visuals for the Apple Watch in the first place.

— Featured Photo Credit: Pixabay’s (cc) Archive.

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