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What Do Rolex Dealers Think About Apple Watch?

While you may think most Rolex dealers turn their nose up at the new Apple watch, one dealer is turning theirs down. TraxNYC owner Maksud Agadjani knows how to market expensive watches, like the one he lent to America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon — a glittering diamond Rolex Sky Dweller worth a cool $180,000. Agadiani’s […]

All Of A Sudden, A Flood Of Smartwatches

With the official launch of the Apple Watch, it seems like smartwatches are coming out of the woodwork. TAG-Heuer, Frederique-Constant/Alpina, Breitling, a weird one called Hoptroff, and probably a lot of brands whose efforts I haven’t heard about yet, have all gotten on the bandwagon with one sort of connected watch or another. But that’s […]

One Aspect The Apple Watch Is Missing

There has been all this talk about the Apple Watch affecting the luxury brand watch market but there’s one aspect that the wearable gadget severely lacks – durability. People need watches that are sturdy and not likely to break or die on them, and that just doesn’t seem possible with the Apple Watch. Think about […]

No Thanks Apple, Rolex is Still King

With all this hype about the new Apple watch going on, it’s important to remember one thing: watches with real moving parts will always trump a computer chip. That’s right Apple, Rolex is still king. The new Apple “smartwatch” might have plenty of fun features, but it doesn’t come close to the form, function, and […]

The Apple Watch – Again

It started several years ago, when my wife innocently gave me a second generation iPod Touch for Christmas. I spent all Christmas afternoon learning about it, and searching the App Store for cool watch apps. I found one in the Emerald Chronometer written by two guys in California who call themselves Emerald Sequoia. Little did […]

TAG Heuer are going to take on Apple?

Following in the foot steps of Apple and LG and Samsung and every other technology company under the sun. It would appear there are plans for TAG Heuer to go head-to-head. French luxury group LVMH’s brand Tag Heuer has declared plans to create its own smart watch, just a few days after Apple’s big announcement. […]

Reflections on the Apple Watch

My compadre Dave Kaiten has already written his impressions of the Apple Watch here. Still, I think there’s more to be said. Or maybe different to be said. I was at 37,000 feet over Nebraska when Tim Cook dropped the watch in Cupertino. But I landed to quite a buzz. Hodinkee wrote a nicely objective […]

It Has Arrived – Apple iWatch

First and foremost is it a watch? In the direct definition of a watch, a device that tells the time, then yes, it is most certainly a watch. Is it just a watch that tells lots of different types of time? Also, a resounding yes. But you all know the answer to the next question, […]